What Is Mocha?

Many terms are used in the coffee shop to refer to different coffee-based drinks. At times it can be confusing to non-coffee aficionados. This post answers the question most ask, what is mocha?

Mocha was named after a type of coffee bean that is used to make the mocha drink. Mocha coffee beans are named after the place where they were first cultivated in Yemen.

It belongs to the coffee arabica plant, which is one of the popular types of coffee in the world.

The Mocha coffee beans provide a natural chocolate flavor and that why mocha based drinks are added with chocolate to enhance the quality.

So generally, when you order a mocha in the coffee shop, it is a mixture of espresso shots, steamed milk, and chocolate.

There is a mocha variation which can be a mocha latte or a mochaccino mixed in different ratios.

The term mocha refers to two similar different things which are an espresso-based drink (mixed with chocolate or cocoa) and also referring to the original mocha coffee beans.

History Of The Mocha

Originally, the term was used to refer to a variety of coffee beans in the early 1700s. Mocha (Al Mokha port) is a place in Yemen where the coffee bean used to be shipped to European countries.

The mocha coffee beans are in the same family as the Arabica beans. Right now, the mocha coffee is grown in the central mountains of Yemen and the Arabian Peninsula.

It’s very rare to find the mocha coffee and if available, it doesn’t come cheap. The true mocha only comes from Yemen although other parts of the world grow some Arabica type of coffee.

This coffee has a distinct chocolate taste and that is one of the reasons people call chocolate and espresso-based drinks, mocha.

Mocha vs Mochaccino

The difference between mocha and mochaccino is not that far apart. Caffe mocha as some people call it is an espresso and hot milk with a combination of chocolate-based drink.

It can also be made using cocoa powder and syrup to produce a dark coffee drink with distinctive milk froth.

Mochaccino or also spelled mocaccino and mochachino is another variant of flavored coffee drink.

How To Make A Mocha

It’s easy to make a mocha at home and experience the cafe feeling with a quality mocha.

What You Need

  • 8 ounces of brewed coffee
  • 1/2 cup (4 ounces) steamed milk
  • 1 tablespoon (15 g) unsweetened cocoa powder
  • White Sugar (optional)


Mocha coffee is very easy to make with all you need to do is pour the hot coffee into a mug or what you prefer. Stir in cocoa, milk, and sugar thoroughly until the mixture is thick and creamy.

This combination makes a flavored mocha similar to the ones from your favorite cafe.


The term mocha can be confusing since it can refer to different things and variations of chocolate-flavored drinks.

Most people refer to mocha as a sweet flavored espresso, chocolate, and steamed milk drink. The additions like the mocha latte, Mochaccino, Mocaccino are just variations in terms and use of different ingredients.

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