Vitamix Vs Ninja – The ultimate Blender

Vitamix vs Ninja blenders is the talks of the town today. Their users will profess their love for the appliances at any opportunity.

Take a look at the products in Amazon to see what I mean. These blenders have a massive following with impressive ratings. At the same time, the two giants are in stiff competition to get the larger part of the market pie.

Although the machines can do a pretty excellent job in making the perfect smoothie fix, the main difference comes at the price. All Vitamix blenders cost the top-dollar. An example is the black Vitamix 7500 that goes for $519.

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On the other hand, Ninja believes that affordability is the primary feature of a fantastic blender. All their products never go before $170.

With price as the main differentiator in Vitamix Vs Ninja blenders, it seems like determining the winner will be an uphill battle.

Do you agree that Ninja can do what the expensive blenders can do for a fraction of their price? Or do you stand with Vitamix belief that cheap is expensive?

Let’s clear the doubts by checking out the facts.

Vitamix Vs Ninja – General Features

Since the two manufacturers make different models, we will compare one from each as a representative of the whole. These are the Vitamix 3500 model
and Ninja BL642.

From the outward look, the features of the two blenders may appear similar. Why? They almost have the same size to fit comfortably on a small cabinet. Vitamix 3500 container weighs 64 ounces, which is not burdensome. Even your ten-year-old child can carry it.

Although Ninja’s total weight is 72 ounces, higher than Vitamix, it uses a 9-cup plastic container. This is bigger than Vitamix, which uses an 8-cup plastic container.

Ninja BL642, the most purchased model, is powered by a 1500 Watt motor. The Vitamix 3500 brand is a 1640-watt blender.

As you can see, there isn’t a big difference in general features.

Vitamix Vs Ninja – Performance Comparison

Vitamix is an old machine that has been in this blending game since 1949. On the other hand, Ninja believes that it has all it takes to bring Vitamix down to its knees.

Let’s find out if this is true by checking out the magnitude of their primary role.

First of all, have you used both blenders?

If yes, you will agree with me that they are equally powerful. The products are designed to take cooking to a new level by making sweet smoothies and juices conveniently.

The first things we checked are;

● Blade Material

Ninja blades are sharper than Vitamix. As a result, they become dull over time. Still, they are perfect for chopping vegetables and squeezing fruits to create smoothies and juice.

Ninja blades also come with a shaft. We noticed that you need to pull out the blades when pouring the mixed ingredients from the blender. This is dangerous, so be careful to avoid losing your fingers.

On the other hand, Vitamix blades are a bit blunt. They won’t become dull after using it for a while. Plus, they are made with a hardened, laser-cut stainless steel. The manufacturer has used powerful technology to ensure the blades don’t rust

That is why Vitamix it’s the best option if you need a “kitchen crusher.” It will crush ice and pulverize nuts in a jiffy.

● Manual Speed Control

Vitamix is equipped with ten variable speeds to do blending with culinary precision. Ninja only boasts of 3-speed manual controls.

The most significant disadvantage of Ninja is that it never works well with hot liquids. Vitamix works like a beast by crushing everything you put on its way. This mentions that Ninja can’t match Vitamix in performance.

Vitamix Vs Ninja – Speed and Durability

You will be wasting your hard-earned cash when you purchase a blender that doesn’t have much to show on speed and durability.

That’s why Vitamix and Ninja blenders have played it well to avoid the stress of buying a new machine every year. When we put the two into the ring, they end up tying the same position.

With Vitamix, you can adjust the blending speed to 500 and 37000 RPMs. On the other hand, Ninja gives you three suggested speed manual controls.

You should note that a wide range of speed settings doesn’t do much necessarily. It only gives you more convenience when controlling the outcome of your smoothie.

How durable your machine will depend on how you handle them. If you are clumsy (I hope you are not), you will not live long to see it’s full potential.

Vitamix would be a better option because most of the parts are made with metal. Ninja is mostly made of plastic. And as we know, metals last longer than plastic.

Both products have BPA free containers. This means that the containers are free from hazardous chemical substances.

Machine Lifespan and Service Duration

Vitamix blender lasts for several years. That’s probably why the manufacturer offers a 10-year warranty on all their models. They are assured that the machines’ high-quality can serve you for a whole decade.

Unfortunately, consumers have raised concerns regarding the quality of the part between the blender and the base. A few years ago, the part was made with durable rubber, but it’s now some of the models are made with cheap plastic.

Is this a hint that Vitamix is using its market dominance to start making less-quality products? The future has the answer.

But the fact stands that Vitamix is a long-lasting blender. It is a powerful USP because we live in a time when companies are opting for cheap and low-quality materials. Most of these blenders don’t last for a few months before you keep on buying again.

Ninja blenders will only give you a 1-year warranty on all their products. Admittedly, it won’t last long like Vitamix. Besides, the low price counter-attacks this con.

Why? The quality of materials it’s made with is not good. It features plastic construction and not a hefty glass. But the carafe and other parts are very sturdy and durable.

Some folks have argued that Ninja would have included shutes on their blender models. This would allow you to add more food and liquid mid-blend.

Body Material Comparison

The body of Vitamix appears luxurious. It is not a surprise because the price it comes with is premium.

The body is made of polycarbonate dipped in liquid metal. The finish is a brush of stainless steel to be on par with the internal features.

Ninja, on the other hand, has a spray-painted lacquered body. It has a
high polish plastic face finish. Both body materials have a beautiful appearance that can catch the attention of any buyer.

The difference is that Vitamix’sbody material is more robust than that of Ninja. It can, therefore, withstand beatings and falls that happen in the kitchen occasionally.

Vitamix Pros

● It can blend frozen food.

● Vitamix blenders offer generous warranties.

● Vitamix recipes are easy to find.

● It works very fast and can create smooth and steaming hot soup in ten minutes.

● The machine grates tough food like meat.

● It’s pool-tampered to get rid of air pockets when blending.

● It’s a self-cleaning machine which is fast and simple.


● The blender is very expensive which most people can’t afford.

● Although it boasts excellent features, the tamper is not of good quality as it ought to be.

● It is not dishwasher-safe.

● It has a huge and bulky base.

Ninja Pros

● It’s extremely affordable, therefore, the best option if you are working on a tight budget.

● It can work with frozen food.

● The seal tops have powerful suction that you can even drink from.

● Unlike Vitamix, it’s dishwasher safe which makes it easy to clean.

● The machine is effortless to maintain.

● It’s dynamic and can handle several tasks very fast.


● The blender is a bit louder when in operation.

● It has a bulky base, hence heavier than other blenders in the market.

● It is only available in one color.

Who Is The Winner In Vitamix Vs Ninja?

As you can see, you will agree that both products are of high quality, sturdy, and will help you come up with culinary creations whenever you need it.

With this in mind, we had to weigh all the options to get an unbiased winner. This would be Vitamix, which might not be a surprise if you know what you are looking for in a blender.

Here is something we can both agree on: Vitamix price is overrated. That’s the fact that we can’t throw in the boot.

But let’s come back to the features. There is no doubt that Vitamix has incredible capabilities and cutting-edge features. It tends to surpass what Ninja has.

So if you have the cash and are looking for a premium product with royal features, Vitamix is your guy. Does this mean that the Ninja blender is terrible all the way? No way. It’s still an ideal option if you need a functional blender at a small budget.

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