Vitamix Refurbished

Vitamix blenders are the best for smoothies and all the multifunctions of high-end blenders. The only problem with owning a Vitamix blender is the price that is over $500 or more and not everyone can afford it. Vitamix refurbished is the solution to owning a powerful Vitamix blender at a cheaper price.

We all need the best blenders and appliances but there is always a limitation of money. If you have been looking for alternative ways to save on the cost of a new Vitamix blender, then this post will give all the details you need to know about Vitamix refurbished blenders.

Refurbished may mean different to other brands but Vitamix company assure of quality as newly reconditioned blenders.

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What Is Refurbished A.K.A Certified Reconditioned Vitamix Blender?

The two words are mostly used interchangeably by users but Vitamix prefers certified reconditioned blenders. Also, the company ensures all the blenders undergo a thorough inspection to ensure the blenders are good as new.

If there are some parts with defects, they are replaced with new ones and the functions are up to the Vitamix standards.

What makes this a good deal is that all these parts are replaced with new regardless of the condition. The container, tamper, and lid are replaced for the reconditioned blenders.

Also, the blades are sterilized so there is no part of the blender isn’t spun to upgrade the conditions if necessary.

As Vitamix states, the blenders undergo 17 point checklist to thoroughly make sure the blenders meet the Vitamix standards.

Vitamix refurbished blenders come with a 5-year warranty covering all the parts just like new blenders.

Reasons Vitamix Refurbished Are Available

Perhaps you are wondering Vitamix is a quality brand and where the reconditioned blenders come from. The following are factors that contribute to the availability of these cheaper blenders.

Retail With Free Return Policy

Vitamix has a 30-day free return policy with no question asked to the manufacturer. Customers can change their mind on the product or find it wasn’t the color prefered.

There are plenty of reasons to return a product therefore, the returned blenders are the ones used for reconditioning.

Blender Used In Demo

Products used for demos in sales campaigns and unvailing of new product lines are reconditioned upon return to the company.

Product Recall

The company recalls blenders with opened boxes or broken seals since the package should be completely sealed. Unlike other brands that don’t care when someone complains of the tampered package, Vitamix recalls the product.

Product recalls are the ones that are inspected and reconditioned if necessary.

Vitamix Refurbished vs New Blenders: The Differences

If the refurbished Vitamix blenders work and look as new, then what’s the difference compared to the new Vitamix blenders.

  • Vitamix refurbished blenders come with a 5-year warranty while the new ones have 7 and 10 years warranties.
  • The refurbished blenders come with different packaging than the new products. You can see the blender is a certified reconditioned Vitamix blender because of its different package box. Just like new blenders, all parts can be found inside the package.
  • Cheaper cost: Vitamix refurbished blenders are the best bargain deal you can utilize for a high-end blender. For instance, a new Vitamix A3500 may cost almost $600 but the reconditioned one cost below $500.

Some Of The Best Vitamix Refurbished Blenders (Certified Reconditioned)

Depending on what you are looking for, there are plenty of Vitamix blenders to choose from. You can choose from standard Vitamix blenders to the smart blenders from the ascent series.

Certified Reconditioned Standard

These are one of the entry-level Vitamix blenders which consist of standard Vitamix features. The most popular blender from this line is the Vitamix 5200.

Standard blenders come with 2 peak horsepower motor, 64-ounce container, 3-inch blades and controlled with variable speed control. The Vitamix 5200 is a common favorite for chefs and it is one of the best bargain blenders to buy.

Vitamix Certified Reconditioned 5300

Costco and Williams-Sonoma sell this popular blender as a new product. It is an upgrade with a powerful motor of 2.2 HP, uses the next generations low profile 64-ounce container and wide 4 inch blades. See on Amazon

Vitamix Explorian Blender Refurbished

Blenders from the explorian series where release as budget blenders and now they are available as refurbished, therefore, makes the budget more flexible.

It comes with a 64-ounce low profile container, low profile tamper, cookbook. It comes with 3 years unlike other refurbished blenders with 5 years. See on Amazon

Certified Reconditioned Next Generation

Next-generation Vitamix blenders feature very powerful blenders with 2.2 peak horsepower motors. They come with 64-ounce low profile containers and they are usually quieter than other Vitamix blenders from other series.

The most common blender in this package is the Vitamix 7500.

Certified Reconditioned Next Generation Programs

Generally, this includes the Vitamix 750 blender which is more improved with preset programs for automated blending.

All the other features are the same as Vitamix 7500. It’s available in 3 colors as the professional series 750 (red, black and brushed stainless)

Vitamix Certified Reconditioned 780

Vitamix 780 blender was the first revolutionary blender to have a touchscreen interface eliminating the use of knobs. Before the release of smart blenders from the ascent series, this blender was the real deal.

It comes with a 64 oz low profile container, cookbook, a tamper.

Vitamix Ascent A2300, A2500, A3300, A3500 Refurbished

Now you can find refurbished blenders from the ascent series. The blenders have inbuilt wireless connectivity and the base detects the size and type of container placed on it.

These are smart blenders that can be controlled through a smartphone using the Vitamix Perfect Blend App. The containers come in different sizes with self detect capability. See on Amazon

In Conclusion

All in all, people ask if the Vitamix refurbished or reconditioned blenders are good, and the answer is absolutely yes. These blenders go through a serious process of inspection to ensure the blenders are top quality.

Most importantly, all the important parts like container, lids, and tamper are replaced with new. This means you get a new blender at a cheaper price and save on buying a new blender that costs higher.

So which refurbished Vitamix blender to buy? To get the best value for money and performance, purchasing the recommended above blenders is the best choice you can make.

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