Vitamix A3500 vs 780 Comparison

In this article, I’ll compare the Vitamix a3500 vs 780 blenders to know the difference and strengths to help make a decision.

You are here probably because you already narrowed down the blenders you have considered buying. If you are looking for a full-size blender, these are the best choice to have.

Both Vitamix a3500 and Vitamix 780 offer high performance, efficiency, multi-function, power reliance, and convenience.

In the market, the two blenders are known for their technology inclusion to simplify the blending process.

Vitamix a3500 comes from the Ascent series while the Vitamix 780 is the latest from G-series (Next generation).

What do the two Vitamix blenders have to offer? Read on to distinguish the outstanding capabilities of the blenders.

Vitamix A3500 Review

This blender is all you need in this time of wireless connectivity and digital gadgets. The Vitamix ascent set the bar high with the introduction of this blender.

The blender has a sleek design with a lot to offer in terms of features. It features a digital interface, timers, wireless connection, 5 Program Settings, brain, self detect containers among other features.

Vitamix a3500 has a beautiful stainless steel finish that compliments the kitchen. You can choose between a metal or white color styles.

An LED display helps you see the engaged automatic programs and the time that has lapsed.

With 5 different presets, its easy to blend frozen desserts, smoothies, hot soups, dips, and spreads. One cool thing is the self-cleaning function to clean the blender.

The following feature is the contributing block for this high-end Vitamix blender.

Vitamix A3500 vs 780

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5 Program settings

For automated blending, the Vitamix a3500 comes with five pre-programmed settings. These preset help to blend smoothies, soups, frozen desserts without guesswork and provide consistency.

An added timer on the digital touchscreen shows the countdown of the program while blending.

Vitamix A3500 vs 780

Self-detect technology

The self detects technology and Wi-Fi capabilities help to sense the container on the blender. If the container is no fixed, the blender can’t start running. This functions as a safety feature to prevent accidental start-up of the blender.


A timer enables you to time the blending process of different ingredients. For instance, the timer would show the maximum time of blending or the time taken to blend completely.

When using the variable dial, the timer is a crucial feature to show how long the blender has been blending.


The Vitamix a3500 containers come with a 64 ounces container only. The container is made of plastic with black rubber lids fitting tight to prevent the splitting of liquids.


Vitamix from Ascent series has a sleek and modern look. The finish is metal but there are options to choose from.


Vitamix blenders are high-performance machines due to their motor power. With a 2.2 peak Hp motor, the blender can blend, pulverize, mix and prepare different foods with ease.


The Vitamix blender comes with 10 years warranty which is more than other full-size blenders. This shows the blender has no issues to worry about and if so, they are taken care of by the manufacturer.


  • Powerful blending capability, 2.2 peak HP
  • Blades do not require assembly
  • Blending container is easy to fit down on the base
  • 5 pre-programmed settings make the task easy
  • The handle is pretty comfortable to grip
  • Blends quieter
  • Excellent when it comes to grinding coffee beans, smoothies, soups, frozen desserts, margaritas, milkshakes
  • It comes with a clear to understand manual


  • Pricey
  • It’s very heavy
  • Measurement markings on the container are not easy to read.

Vitamix A3500 Unboxing

  • The base
  • A 64-ounce container
  • A clear lid (which means you can look into it to assess blend progress, a feature that was missing from older models)
  • Low-profile tamper
  • Blending cookbook

Who is it for, Vitamix a3500? This blender is suitable for people who like high-end technology gadgets, luxury, convenience, and quality performance.

If you have the money to invest this blender, it is a totally a great upgrade in the kitchen. Vitamix a3500 is built for the future with wifi connectivity to update the machine in the future as intended by the company.

Vitamix 780 Review

The Vitamix 780 has the design and look of the other G-series blenders but it comes with a touchscreen. It has features to make the blending process easier than before.

With Vitamix 780, you make the best smoothies, shakes, soups, ice cream, purees, sorbets, nut butter, grinding coffee and more.

The design of the Vitamix blender fits with many customers who have been comfortable using phone touch screens in most devices.

A powerful blender with 2.2 peak Hp motor that runs the stainless steel at 37000 RPMs. This generates enough power to blend, pureeing, cutting or chopping.

Just like the other Vitamix blenders, customers have great and positive reviews about the satisfaction of the blender.  It is a durable blender with high-end performance.

In terms of the price, it costs higher than the general blenders on the market, over $600.

Vitamix A3500 vs 780

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Features Which Stands out

Touchscreen control panel

The touch screen of the blender is easy to use and has a clear LCD control panel. It is made of hardened glass to prevent it from scratches or cracks.

To start the functions, all you need is to activate through touch on the settings and controls.

64-oz low profile jar

Vitamix 780 has a low profile 64oz BPA free container that can accommodate large batches of ingredients. The low profile makes the blender easy to fit in the kitchen cabinet.

Automated blending with 5 program settings, pulse feature, and a variable speed control

Blending is made easier by the 5 pre-programmed settings that enable the user to choose from purees, smoothies, soups, frozen desserts, and self-cleaning.

The pulse feature comes in great help when blending, pulverizing, mixing ingredients (soft or hard) to create a super drink.

Most of the Vitamix blenders come with 10 variable speeds controls to regulate the blending speed from low to high speeds.

Powerful motor & Blades

The Vitamix 780 comes with a 2.2 horsepower motor and stainless steel laser-cut blades. This power is perfect for rotating the sharp blades to chop, cut and blend ingredients faster and efficiently.

Thermal protection system and radical cooling fan

This are features that protect the blender from overheating over a long period of usage. Cheaper blender doesn’t have these features and tends to overheat after a few minutes of blending.

If you blend many times in a day or using a blender commercially, this feature is very important.


The Vitamix a3500 is covered by a 7 years warranty for the standard wear and tear fro the manufacturer.  The blender doesn’t have many problems that’s why they offer a long warranty.

Other Features

  • Easy to read markings on the container.
  • The container is 17.25 inches tall. It goes under the kitchen cabinet easily.
  • Built-in cord wrap below the motor base.
  • Available in one color – Black
  • Cookbook with easy to prepare recipes.


  • 2.2 horsepower motor and powerful stainless steel blades.
  • It has a sleek design and also it is durable.
  • Easy-to-operate touchscreen controls.
  • Easier to wipe as the surface is flat. There are no switches or knobs.
  • 10 variable speed controls.
  • 5 preset programs for hot soups, smoothies, frozen desserts, puree, and self-cleaning.
  • 64 oz low profile container that goes under kitchen cabinets easily.
  • Quietest blender in the Vitamix Ascent Series. Sound dampening insulation reduces the noise level.
  • Cooling efficiency, it shuts down automatically if the motor is overheated.
  • 7-year full warranty.
  • Recipe book.


  • Speed controls cannot be stopped while blending like other models with a physical knob.
  • Expensive than most blenders.


ModelVitamix 780
Motor Power2.2 peak HP
Container CapacityLow profile 64 ounces
Electrical Ratings120 V, 50/60 Hz, 12 Amps
Blade Typelaser-cut
Program Settings5
Blade size4-inches
Warranty7 Years
Dimensions17.25" x 8.8" x 9"
Weight12.5 lbs
ColorsBlack, red
Other FeaturesVariable speed control, Pulse switches
Price Check Price On Amazon

Bottom Line

The Vitamix is like an upgrade of Vitamix 7500 which is a great performer. The difference between the Vitamix 780 and 7500 is the touchscreen interface.

Simplicity is the way to enjoy tasks, that is why investing in this blender makes blending easier than before. The rich-feature blender operation is one of the easiest to use.

Comparison Between Vitamix A3500 vs 780

Comparing the Vitamix A3500 vs 780 blenders brings the similarities and differences between the two blenders. With these blenders being from the same company, they do have some differing features.

Vitamix A3500 vs 780: The Similarities

Both the Vitamix a3500 and 780 have the following similarities;

  • 2.2 peak horsepower motor
  • 10 Variable speeds
  • 64oz low profile container
  • Control dials, pulse control
  • 5-pre programmed settings
  • Laser-cut stainless steel blades
  • The general appearance almost looks the same
  • Digital control panel with LCD  display
  • Self-cleaning function

Vitamix A3500 vs 780: The Differences

  • Noise level, Vitamix a3500 is louder than the Vitamix 780 according to experts on sound.
  • Self detect technology is only available on the Vitamix a3500
  • Warranty: Vitamix A3500 comes with a 10-year warranty while the Vitamix 780 has a 7-year warranty
  • The Vitamix a3500 has wireless connection capability while the Vitamix 780 doesn’t have it
  • Cost: Vitamix 780 has a higher price than the Vitamix a3500

Conclusion (Vitamix A3500 vs 780)

Both the blender have advanced features and technologies but the Vitamix a3500 has the most appealing features. They both deliver what is promised on paper with their powerful performances.

The price of the blenders matches the quality they provide and efficiency in blending. For commercial purposes, the two blenders are perfect and can withstand the daily wear and tear of usage.

Buying one of these Vitamix high-end blender guarantees many years of heavy usage. Vitamix A3500 vs 780 provides convenience, quality, faster blending, versatility and powerful performance.

Finally, it comes to your preference and the plans you have to use the blender for. The budget also plays an important role to make up on which blender to purchase. I hope this post help!