Vitamix A3300 vs A3500 – Vitamix Ascent Series Review

In this post, I will review and compare the Vitamix ascent series which is between Vitamix A3300 vs A3500 vs A2300 vs A2500.

Blenders have become more important in various healthy journeys to provide nutritious juices and meals. Vitamix has been the number one brand with quality and versatile blenders.

Apart from the G-series which has highly ranked blenders, Vitamix introduced the ascent series. This series combines all the previous generations of blenders with new technology fit for the digital world.

I believe you are considering investing in a Vitamix blender, and that’s the right idea. Although the blenders have a higher price tag than the average blender, it’s worth it.

Vitamix ascent series was released at the end of the year 2016 and it is the ideal high-end blender everyone should consider.

This post is all about helping you to choose the better Vitamix ascent series blender. The focus is on the similarities, differences, pros, and cons for a clear distinction.

Also, I will recommend the better option between the four ascent series. The Vitamix a3300 vs a3500 is the most advanced compared among the series.

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Vitamix Ascent SeriesA2300A2500A3300A3500
Container/PitcherLow profile 64 ozLow profile 64 ozLow profile 64 ozLow profile 64 oz
Pre-programmed SettingsNOYESNOYES
Self-Detect TechnologyAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailable
Wireless ConnectivityYESYESYESYES
Weight11 Pounds11 Pounds16.3 pounds14.92 pounds
Price Check Price On Amazon Check Price On Amazon Check Price On Amazon Check Price On Amazon

In the Ascent series, most of the features are similar to all the models having the following standard features.

  • Motor power and performance (2.2 peak horsepower)
  • Low profile 64 ounces dishwasher safe container
  • Variable speeds
  • Counter timer for monitoring the recipes
  • The self detects technology for the containers. It detects which size of a container placed on the motor base.
  • Sleek and updated design
  • Pulse feature

Whichever model of Ascent series you choose, you have a clear view of the standard expected features.

Check the overview of the individual ascent models and also the comparison between the four Vitamix blenders.

Vitamix A2300 Overview [Basic Ascent model]

This is the basic ascent blender that comes at a cheaper price than the other ascent blenders. The design closely resembles that of second-generation Vitamix blenders in terms of layout.

The outstanding features of the Vitamix a2300 make it a great investment as it has less price.

Vitamix 2300 doesn’t have presets but it uses manual knob, pulse, 10-speed settings, and switches. The digital timer helps to time your recipes while blending.

If you don’t mind a lack of presets on this blender, it is a quality blender that can blend most of the recipes perfectly. For preset Vitamix blenders, you can choose between the Vitamix a2500, and a3500.

Vitamix A3300 vs A3500

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  • 10 variable speed controls.
  • Pulse feature.
  • 2.2 Peak horsepower motor.
  • Built-in digital timer
  • Built-in wireless connectivity.
  • Clear lid for viewing ingredients during blending.
  • The lid plug also works as the measuring cup.
  • Self detect 64oz low profile container
  • Tamper
  • The motor base can detect the selected container, analyze its size, and adjust the blending program and time automatically.
  • A pouring spout
  • Fits in the kitchen cabinets for storage
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Recipe book for soups, dips, smoothies, and more

Vitamix A2500 Overview

The a2500 is very similar to Vitamix a2300 layout with the switches, pulse and the timer located at the same spot.

The major difference between the Vitamix a2500 and Vitamix a2300 is the availability of three presets settings on the Vitamix a2500.

3 pre-programmed settings allow you to prepare smoothies, hot soup, and frozen desserts.

Using presets for blending creates consistent results every time and eliminates the guesswork.

If you love making smoothies hot soups and frozen desserts, the Vitamix a2500 creates these recipes easily by using the presets.

Vitamix A3300 vs A3500

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  • 2.2 peak horsepower motor that pulverizes even hard ingredients efficiently.
  • Ten variable speed controls.
  • 3 pre-programmed settings for smoothies, frozen desserts, hot soups
  • Laser-cut blades made from stainless steel.
  • Pulse feature.
  • BPA-free see-through 64 oz low profile container.
  • Built-in digital timer
  • Digital interface display.
  • Lid plug also works as the measuring cup.
  • Mess-free pouring spout.
  • Easily stored in the kitchen cabinets
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Recipe book for soups, dips, smoothies, etc
  • 10-year warranty.
  • Available in 4colors – Black, Red, Slate, and White.

Vitamix A3300 Overview

This blender comes with the standard features of ascent series except that it lacks preset programs.

The design looks sleek than the Vitamix a2300 and has touchscreen functionality. Its display is well organized which makes cleaning easy.

It comes with a programmable timer built in to enable to time-specific recipes and prevent under processing.

All the Ascent series blenders are capable of making the same recipes with excellent results.

Vitamix A3300 vs A3500

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  • 2.2 peak horsepower motor that can blend every ingredient thrown in.
  • 10 variable speed controls.
  • Pulse feature
  • Programmable digital timer displays the blending time.
  • Motor base detects the container size selected and adjusts the blending program and time automatically.
  • Self-detection technology for improved blending.
  • Mess-free pouring spout.
  • Touchscreen interface.
  • Built-in wireless connectivity.
  • See-through jar and lid to help you monitor the blending process easily
  • Lid plug also works as the measuring cup.
  • BPA-free materials.
  • Sleek appearance
  • A recipe book.
  • 10-year warranty.
  • Available in 2 colors – Black and Gray.

Vitamix A3500 Overview

The a3500 has all the features you would wish for in a modern blender.

It comes with preprogrammed settings, touchscreen control panel, programmable timer, sleek design, and a simple interface.

Unlike the Vitamix a3300, it has 5 pre-programmed settings for smoothies, hot soups, frozen desserts, sauces, and self-cleaning.

The design of the interface makes the blender to be cleaned easily by just wiping with a clean cloth.

Vitamix a3500 impresses from the design, features and top-notch performance unmatched to the competitors on the market.

Now, these extra features increase the cost of the blender and this is why it cost higher than the other variants in Ascent series.

You get to spend more than $500 for the Vitamix a3500 but it’s worth it. Vitamix blenders have been proven to be the best with great performance, versatility, consistency, and durability.

Vitamix A3300 vs A3500

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  • 5 pre-programmed settings for hot soups, frozen desserts, smoothies, sauces, and self-cleaning function.
  • Powerful motor 2.2 peak HP that pulverizes the ingredients smoothly.
  • Laser-cut stainless steel blades.
  • 10 variable speed control.
  • Low profile 64 oz container BPA free.
  • Pulse feature.
  • A Built-in programmable timer
  • Automatic Size Detection for container — the A3500 adjusts the blend to the size of the container selected.
  • Touch screen controls improve its sleek appearance
  • See-through container and lid so you can monitor the blending and make changes whenever needed. Even the handle is see-through.
  • Built-in wireless connectivity
  • Mess-free pouring spout
  • Available in Brushed Stainless Metal color
  • Recipe book with detailed step-by-step instructions.

Vitamix A3300 vs A3500: Similarities And Differences

The blenders being from the same series, they come with similar features and also differences due to advancements.

Vitamix A3300 vs A3500: The Similarities


Both these blenders have the same 64 ounces low profile container that can process large batches of ingredients. This capacity can prepare drinks or other recipes enough for a standard family.

The containers have self detect technology for the blender to detect the size and type of container placed. Container for previous generations cannot be used on these blenders.

For this reason, it ensures the safety of the blenders as it wont power on with the wrong container or not properly fixed.

Motor Power/Base Unit

The motors on all the Vitamix Ascent series come with a 2.2 peak horsepower. This powerful motor powers the laser cut blades to crush and mix the ingredients thoroughly for the perfect texture.

Their base unit consists of a cooling system and overload protection to prevent overheating while blending continuously.


Both blenders have built-in timers to help set the blending time from start to finish.

After completion of the blending process, the blender automatically shuts down.

The timer in these blenders is programmable that means you can set your own time to blend.


A touchscreen makes the control very easy as everyone is used to using touchscreens almost in every device.

Both the blenders have touchscreens with well-placed buttons for control. The surface of the screen is flat eliminating hard to clean knobs.

It may seem like the touchscreen is weak but it’s built with scratch-resistant material to make it durable like other parts of the blender.

The touchscreen hosts the programmable timer, 5 presets, displays, pulse and the on/off buttons.


Vitamix a3300 and a3500 have the same dimensions of 11 inches long, 8 inches wide and 17 inches height.

The blenders can be easily stored in the standard kitchen cabinet and save some space.

Speed Controls

When blending, the right speed enables to blend comfortably depending on the texture of the ingredients. Vitamix uses 2-speed controls whereby there are 10 variable speeds and a pulse function control.

The blades are regulated by using the variable speed controls while the pulse enables alternation between different textures for a proper blend.

Vitamix App

The Vitamix Ascent series have the wireless connectivity feature that enables connection to the perfect blend app. The app consists of hundreds of recipes to utilize and create a variety of meals.

Each recipe has its time and variable speed setting specified that ensures you get the right result.

Built-in Connectivity (Wireless)

This is a new feature that makes Ascent series blender to connect to wireless devices. It also helps in the self detect technology on recognizing the connected containers/pitcher.

Vitamix claims the wireless connectivity will be useful for downloading future upgrades to the blenders.


Both Vitamix a3300 and a3500use the standard Vitamix built-in laser-cut stainless steel blades. The blades 4 inches and 4 prongs that are capable of blending, grinding and kneading processes.

Noise Level

It was expected the Vitamix Ascent series to have more quiet operation noise than the G-series blenders. This is not the case with ascent blenders as the noise is loud than expected.


All the Vitamix blenders come with the standard 10-year warranty to guarantee a long period of usage without issues.

What Can they Blend?/Performance

Due to the same motor power, both Vitamix a3300 and Vitamix a3500 can perform the same level. You can blend, grind, mix/kneading, hot soup heating and more.

This level of power performs well for both hard and soft ingredients. Some of the hard ingredients include nut for butter, coffee beans, seeds, grains, cashew among others.

There is no doubt about the performance of any Vitamix blenders as they provide quality and consistent results.

Power Consumption And Output

At 120V of electrical energy, the blenders consume the same amount of energy. As for the output, they are both rated at 1500 watts.

Vitamix A3300 vs A3500: The Differences


Despite having the same dimensions, the two machines differ in weight. The Vitamix a3300 weighs 16.3 pounds while the Vitamix a3500 weighs 14.9 pounds.

This means the Vitamix a3300 is heavier than Vitamix a3500.

Preset settings

The Vitamix a3300 blender doesn’t have pre-programmed settings like Vitamix a3500. Preset programs simplify the blending process, especially for beginners.

Vitamix a3500 comes with 5 pre-programmed settings for smoothies, hot soups, frozen desserts, sauces, and self-cleaning function.


To clean these blenders would take a few seconds because of the wide containers. The containers can be washed with dish soap and warm water then rinsing thoroughly.

The Vitamix a3500 has the self-cleaning function to automatically clean the blender after use. Vitamix a3300 doesn’t have this feature and thus it requires handwashing the containers.


If you prefer different colors, the Vitamix a3300 blender comes in 2 colors, Black and Gray. On the other hand, Vitamix a3500 blender comes with White and Red colors.

Also, it is available in 4 metal finishes of brushed stainless steel, Graphite, Copper, and Black stainless steel.


In terms of the price, Vitamix a3300 blender is cheaper than Vitamix a3500 due to the fewer features it has.

With the availability of 5 pre-programmed settings, programmable timer, and simpler operation, Vitamix a3500 is more expensive.

Depending on your preferences, you get what you need as the Vitamix Ascent series has all that you need.

Vitamix A2300 vs A2500 Comparison

The two blenders are very similar with them sharing the wireless connectivity, digital timer, containers, weight, size, and other standard Vitamix Ascent features.

Similar Aspects on Vitamix A2300 vs A2500

  • Dimensions
  • Motor power, 2.2 peak HP
  • Self detect containers
  • Digital timers
  • Wireless Technology
  • Warranty


Both blenders are versatile to blend any recipe you would like to prepare. Some of the common foods you can make with great performance with these two Vitamix blenders.

  • Smoothies & Juices
  • Dips & Spreads
  • Nut Butters
  • Baby Food
  • Frozen Desserts
  • Hot Soups
  • Batters
  • Flours & Dough
  • Food Prep
  • Dressings & Sauces
  • Non-Dairy Milk

Vitamix A2300 vs A2500: The Differences

One big difference between Vitamix a2300 vs a2500 is the 3 pre-programmed settings on Vitamix a2500.

Vitamix a2500 presets enable automated blending for smoothies, hot soups, and frozen desserts. This makes it superior to the Vitamix a2300 which uses manual knobs and variable speeds.

The Price

Another difference between Vitamix a2300 and a2500 is the cost in the market. Vitamix a2300 comes at a cheaper price than the Vitamix a2500 blender.

If you just need quality performance from Vitamix blender under a budget, Vitamix a2300 saves you money.

Optional Vitamix Attachments

The blenders can be used with other sizes of containers for different blending and food processing tasks.

48 Oz Dry Grains Self Detect Container

This container enables the blending of dry ingredients with the blades designed differently to the wet blades. Tasks like milling, kneading require blunt blades to perform better.

48 Oz Wet Self Detect Container

The wet container performs the same blending functions of the standard 64 ounces container. The only difference is the capacity that suits people who require less blending capacity.

20 Oz Self Detect Blending Cup Starter Kit

If you would like to blend single serve recipes for one or two people, this container is ideal for travel purposes.  It comes with 2 single-serve 20 ounces cups with to-go lid and 1 self detect blade assembly.

8 Oz Self Detect Blending Bowl Starter Kit

A smaller bowl designed for grinding spices, chopping garlic, onion and also blend small batches of meals. It includes two 8 ounces of bowls and blade assembly for smaller batch blending tasks.

Conclusion [Vitamix a3300 vs a3500 And Vitamix a2300 vs a2500]

To wrap up this comparison, all the similarities and differences are clear enough. I hope this post has at least created a certain impact and better view on the most advanced Vitamix series of blenders.

If I was to recommend the better option between these four models, I would say the Vitamix a2300 is best for the budget.

You get to save some extra dollars by choosing the a2300 if you don’t mind to use presets.

The best value for money is the Vitamix a2500. It has preset settings and a touch control panel. With all the other features and high performance, it cost less the Vitamix a3500.

Vitamix a3500 comes with 2 more pre-programmed settings than the Vitamix a2500. If you have the budget, choosing the complete Vitamix a3500 will be the best choice.

Please share this post on your social media and help others to know about quality Vitamix blenders. Happy blending life!

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