Types Of Pressure Cookers

Pressure cookers have been used for many years and still, remain popular in the kitchen for cooking. There are different types of pressure cookers available on the markets to choose from.

Importantly, cooking with a pressure cooker is faster which reduces the cooking time by 70%. The cooking process involves putting some liquid and the ingredients to cook which is sealed tight for pressure build-up.

Types Of Pressure Cookers

It is this fluid sealed inside which creates wet hot steam to cook the meal faster and also maintain nutrients. Simple physics laws of pressure are applied to this method of cooking.

As the years go by, the pressure cooker manufacturers have improved the technologies and features of pressure cookers. This has led to different types of pressure cookers which offer more safety and functionality.

Pressure cookers can be grouped into the generations as they continue to advance and change. Since the inception of pressure cookers some centuries ago, there is an old pressure cooker or first generation.

Secondly, due to improvements and upgrades, the second generation came into place to replace the old one.

The electric pressure cookers are known as the third generation which is the newest model. They offer more features and efficiency.

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Types Of Pressure Cooker In Terms Of Generation

First Generation

This is the oldest type of pressure cooker which had only basic features and they were limited in terms of safety. The pressure cooking is based on weight modified valve that releases pressure to the pot.

The pressure cooker only has a single pressure level which is hard to control the pressure levels. Due to the valve, this type of pressure cookers is very noisy which sounds like a whistle.

Second Generation

An improved type of pressure cooker with newer features and improved safety than the old pressure cookers. The spring valve replaces the weight-bearing valves.

The second-generation pressure cookers use indicators to determine the pressure levels inside the pot. Also, they do not release steam unless the lid is open.

With a pressure selector dial in place, the noisy behavior is eliminated and easy pressure control. Most of the stovetop pressure cookers are based on the second generation which combines the traditional and modern style.

Electric Pressure Cookers

These types of pressure cookers come with advanced features and use electricity as the source of energy. You can refer to them as the third generation.

The electric pressure cookers have become popular with different brands offering top-notch technology. For example, some of the brands with great pressure cookers are Instant pot, Crockpot, T-fal among others.

Just like the second generation, they use a spring-loaded valve to handle the pressure. They also have microchips that are pre-programmed for different settings creating easy steps to cook meals.

With automated features, the electric pressure cooker eliminates the need for supervision of the appliance. It’s easy to use and set the settings for cooking.

The electric pressure cooker has multiple functions and features including timer setting, dual pressure settings.

Different brands manufacture electric cookers with multi-functions offering pressure cooking, slow cooking, saute, steamer and more. It right to say they are convenient and easy to use.

Types Of Pressure Cooker In Terms Of Functionality & Features

Some pressure cooker offers single or multiple functions which present options and variety to choose from. It is economical to use a multi-function appliance because it saves money than a single dedicated appliance.

Single Purpose Pressure Cookers

The single purpose pressure cookers are capable of only handling one pressure setting. They are designed to offer a dedicated type of pressure without extra settings.

It may be a stovetop pressure cooker or an electric pressure cooker designed specifically with a single pressure setting. Most of the traditional pressure cookers are single-purpose pressure cookers.

Multi-Purpose Pressure Cookers

These pressure cookers come with multiple features and pressure settings to enable multi-cooking of different foods. Options for different pressure settings and temperature controls are common.

A multi-purpose pressure cooker can function as a slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, warmer and much more. Investing in one of the multi-purpose cookers can replace several appliances in the kitchen.

Although their prices can be higher than the stovetop pressure cookers, they are reliable and convenient to cook with.

How To Use Pressure Cookers


In short,  purchasing a pressure cooker, it’s great to know the type of pressure cooker and its capabilities. A pressure cooker is a vital appliance to have in the kitchen for fast and healthy cooking.

Meanwhile, with many different types of pressure cookers on the market, choosing one can be overwhelming. If you prefer a versatile pressure cooker, the electric ones mostly have multi-purpose functions.

Stovetop pressure cookers are also a great type of pressure cooker which is faster than the electric pressure cookers.

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