Moen vs Delta Kitchen Faucets

In this article, I will compare the Moen vs Delta kitchen faucets for you to decide the best brand to commit to.

If you watch house flipping shows and redesigns, you’ll notice most of the focus is on the kitchen. A modern and stunning kitchen will require a high-quality kitchen faucet (paired with a high-quality kitchen sink, of course).

The most kitchen faucets used are the Moen and Delta faucets. They both have elegant designs, great finishes, technologies, and high performance.

Moen vs Delta, which is better? As you will see in the comparison, both faucets offer close to similar but different quality features. Depending on your preference, you won’t regret buying either of the faucets.

Before you choose the best faucet for your kitchen, you need all the information about the brands.

It makes sense to compare the two brands because they are the heavyweights of the industry. Let’s dive in for more.

Top Moen vs Delta Kitchen Faucets Comparison

Moen 7594ESRS ArborDelta 9178T-AR-DST  
Type: pull downType: pull down
Flow rate: 1.5 GPMFlow rate: 1.8 GPM
Height: 15.5"Height: 15.4"
Finish options: Chrome, Matte black, oil-rubbed Bronze, StainlessFinish options: Arctic stainless, Chrome, Spot shield stainless, Venetian Bronze
Spout reach: 7.88"Spout reach: 9.2"
Hands-free Innovation Tech: TouchlessHands-free Innovation Tech: Touch On
Style: 2-Motion SensorStyle: Touch2O
Installation Method: Deck MountedInstallation Method: Deck Mounted
Number Of Holes: 1Number Of Holes: 3
Weight: 5 poundsWeight: 7.36 pounds
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Moen Overview

The brand is well known for its line of faucets that are high quality and reliable. Moen was started in the year 1937 by Al Moen.

Moen brand is part of the Fortune brand’s home and security company. Their headquarter are in North Olmsted, Ohio, United States.

Over the years, Moen has enhanced its products to offer flexible and great features. As they say, buy it for looks, buy it for life, the faucets are sleek and durable.

The brand has manufactured plenty of faucets from different lines available in the market. Moen is dedicated to innovating, designing, and delivering beautiful products to last forever.

Moen’s innovations for kitchen faucets include MotionSense™, Power Clean™, Power Boost™, Reflex™ Pulldown Kitchen Faucets, Spot Resist™ Finish, M•PACT®, and Hydro Roller™ Massage Combination Shower.

Moen 5923SRS Align

Moen vs Delta

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Delta Overview

This company was established in the year 1954 by Maco Corporation. First, it manufactures a single-handled faucet which became popular.

Since then, Delta has produced many faucets offering simplicity, great functionality, durability, and elegance.

The driving belief behind Delta is that water has the power to transform the way people feel every day. The simple solutions and innovations bring a great change in the human view.

Delta has outstanding innovations like Touch2O®, MagnaTite® Docking, and H2Okinetic® Technologies. These technologies improve the usability of the Delta faucets.

With these thoughtful products, buying Delta faucets gives you the perfect faucet in your kitchen.

Delta 9113T-AR-DST

Moen vs Delta

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Moen vs Delta: Head To Head Comparison

The Moen and Delta faucets have great features and innovations every homeowner to like. They may have some similarities and differences that may change your preference.


The design of a faucet can change how your kitchen appears. Sleek and high arc faucets make the kitchen look modern.

Moen kitchen faucets are designed to provide simple usability and environmentally-friendly. The faucets are elegant with shiny finishes to make your kitchen look brand new.

Even the cheapest Moen kitchen faucets will stand out and look attractive.

Delta kitchen faucets also have great designs and attractive looks. The faucets combine modern, traditional, and transitional designs together.

Both Moen and Delta have great designs but Moen kitchen faucets have the best designs to attract any customer.


When it comes to kitchen faucets, the finish plays a great influence on purchasing. The right color finish helps the faucet to match the rest of the design of the kitchen. In addition, the finish (and the quality of that finish) will make all the difference when it comes to ease of cleaning the faucet and how long the look stays “new.”

Moen kitchen faucets provide a variety of finishes among their models. The most common finishes include stainless steel, chrome, Ivory, and brushed bronze.

On the other hand, Delta offers more finishes than Moen faucets. Their finishes include chrome, stainless steel, black colors, bronze.


Both kitchen faucets consist of advanced technologies uncommon on other kitchen faucets on the market.

This is the reason Moen vs Delta faucets are the big fish in the faucet market.

What makes Moen faucets to stand out is the Motion Sense Technology. This tech involves operating the faucet without the need to touch it.

By just moving around the faucet, the sensors located at the neck or base sense the control you need.

Another technology in Moen faucets is the Power Clean Tech which releases water with 50% more force to help clean dishes easier and faster.

M•PACT® helps to change faucet style without replacing and plumbing costs. They offer compatible installation parts for easy changing.

Also, Delta has cool technologies that make it stand out in the market. The Touch 2O Technology requires a simple touch on the faucet to open and close the water.

MagnaTite® Docking helps the faucet spray wand move back precisely and hold it to stay docked. It prevents the spray from dropping when it’s not in use.

The faucets are able to sense the temperature of the water prior to opening the faucet.

Spray Technology

From their pull-down designs of kitchen faucets, both brands ensure the spout releases a high-pressure water stream.

Moen: faucets use Power Clean technology optimized to provide concentrated spray powerful to wash dishes faster. The water spray doesn’t result in a splash as in other kitchen faucets. It also uses less water to create this strong force, which may make it a better choice for kitchens with low water pressure.

Delta: It uses ShieldSpray technology for a powerful jet of water for easier cleaning purposes with less splash mess.

Spot Resistant

What is spot resistant? This is the prevention of water spots and fingerprints on the faucet which makes it always look sparkling new. It makes the faucet stay clean and also easier to clean.

Moen faucets come with the Spot Resist technology which is available in stainless steel and brushed nickel finishes.

The technology works well with few to no complaints about it from customers.

On Delta faucets, this is achieved by the SpotShield and Brilliance Technologies. Brilliance® finishes help to prevent the faucets from tarnishing and discoloration.

SpotShield® reduces the stains and smells with antimicrobial protection for spotless faucets. The technologies are available among Deltas collections of faucets.


If you are looking for a cheaper faucet between Moen and Delta, then the Delta faucets are slightly cheaper.

The price range for Moen ranges from $70-$700 while for Delta is about $75 to $590.


With many years in the faucet industry, Moen has more than 173 faucet models. These models vary in their designs, finishes, appearance, and technologies.

The style of the kitchen faucet range from traditional, basic, modern, and transitional. If you would like to see the best selling models, check here.

The Delta brand has more than 106 faucet models to date with different colors, designs, and styles.


Both faucets come with great features for maximum functionality and ease of use.

Moen has faucets with options of handles, holes, arc in spouts (Low or high arc shapes).

Some faucets from Moen models consist of special features like Filtering systems and soap dispensers.

The Delta faucets also have great feature options with different handles, spouts, and holes. They can be in standard or high arc spouts.

For the special features, the Delta faucet comes with efficient water gauges. This will help regulate water usage and help save water.


There is no doubt both Moen and Delta offer the best kitchen faucets with high quality. The faucets have a close resemblance to features and technologies which fit modern styles.


With the new technology, both brands have, it’s great to have a guarantee in case of failure. A warranty that covers more or a complete coverage is a big advantage.

Moen: Offers a lifetime limited warranty which covers almost every part except damage resulting from installation.  The electronic parts have a different warranty depending on the model.

Delta: Provide a lifetime limited warranty covering the wear and tear of the faucet. Just like Moen, they have a separate warranty for the electronic parts.

Conclusion (Moen vs Delta)

All in all, Moen and Delta faucets with their modern styles, technologies, variety, durability, and elegance make them the best kitchen faucets.

It’s challenging to elevate one brand over the other as they both offer great products.

Your preference will determine the brand to choose from. If you prefer touchless kitchen faucets, Moen is ideal.

For Touch-on kitchen faucets and cheaper options, the Delta faucets may be the right choice.

Nevertheless, choosing any faucet from the two brands will provide excellence and quality operation.

Lastly, Moen vs Delta comparison clearly shows both brands are the real deal for quality kitchen faucets.