Keurig K425 vs K475

It’s not a surprise these two Keurig coffee machines are confusing due to their design and size. In this comparison, I compare the Keurig K425 vs K475 to determine their differences and advantages.

Keurig usually manufactures the same models with a slight addition of features but the design remains the same.

The brand has some quality and high performing coffee market and the K425 and K475 are no exception.

So what’s the difference between Keurig K425 vs K475? The main difference is the Keurig K475 comes with a water filter while the K425 doesn’t have the water filter.

Most of the features and design look the same but there are a few differences you should know before deciding between the two.

Keurig K425 vs K475 Comparison

In Summary, The Differences & Similarities

Model (Keurig) K425K475
Display2.4” color touch2.4” color touch
Strength ControlYesYes
Water Reservoir Size70 ounces70 ounces
Temperature ControlYesYes
Brew Sizes4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 22, 26, 30 ounces4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 22, 26, 30 ounces
Programmable TimerYesYes
Compatible PodsK-cup, K-mug, K-carafeK-cup, K-mug, K-carafe
Removable Drip TrayYesYes
Auto ON Auto OFFYesYes
Brew TimeLess than 1 minuteLess than 1 minute
Included 24 K-cup pods, My K-cup filter6 K-cup pods, Water filter kit
Color OptionsBlack, Red, PearlBlack, Red, Pearl
Price See On Amazon See On Amazon

The Keurig 475 comes with the difference;

  • A water filter starter kit
  • Six sample K-Cup pods
  • No reusable My K-Cup filter in the K475.
  • A water filter handle
  • 2 extra filters

The Similarities

  • The same 70-ounce water reservoir
  • Removable drip tray and water reservoir
  • 2.4-inch full-color touch display screen Control panel
  • Temperature and brewing strength controls
  • Compatibility to K-cup, K-mug or K-carafe pods.
  • Brews 11 different sizes
  • Programmable clock.
  • Auto on and Auto-off settings
  • Three color options
  • The faster brewing time of a cup in less than a minute.

Keurig 425 Overview

This is the earlier model from Keurig 2.0 (K400 line) which has fewer features but has the basic and important coffee making features. If you have a water filter already, this is a great choice to save you some cash.

This model is an upgrade to previous models like Keurig 300 or 200 models. Despite the lack of a water filter, the K425 coffee maker is a popular model among the Keurig coffee makers.

Keurig K425 vs K475

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Pros Keurig K425 Coffee Maker

  • Brews coffee in less than a minute.
  • Brews 10 sizes
  • Includes My K-cup reusable pod
  • Programmable clock
  • Temperature settings and strength control
  • Easy to program


  • No water filter kit
  • Cant connect directly to a water source
  • Noisy

Keurig 475 Overview

The slightly improved model as Keurig claims with an addition of a water filter. If you would prefer a coffee machine with a water filter, the K475 is a great choice.

Keurig 475 offers high performance, easy operation, and great features for convenience.

Compared to other brands of coffee makers, this model is a high-quality coffee machine. It comes with a water filter handle and dozens of sample coffee pods.

Keurig K425 vs K475

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Pros of Keurig K475 Coffee Maker

  • Comes with 5 temperature controls
  • The brew sizes compatible with the coffee maker are between 4-30 oz
  • Programmable clock
  • Removable drip tray for easy cleaning.
  • Strength control feature
  • Easy adjustment of control settings


  • No noise reducing feature.
  • There is no coffee filter
  • The carafe is absent.

Outstanding Features

Keurig makes its machines with the same design with identical control displays, electrical systems, strength control auto on/off, etc. The following features are common on both Keurig coffee makers.

Settings and Controls

The 2.4-inch touchscreen control panel has settings for operating the coffee machine. It consists of brewing settings, temperature adjustment, timer, on/off and other menus for easy control.

There is a strength control for adjusting the strength of the coffee. If you like strong or medium coffee strength, the setting works excellent.

Brew a cooler coffee when in a hurry by adjusting the temperature. Each pod size mugs, carafe, and cups have different settings in the menu.

Brew Sizes

Both the two Keurig coffee makers have 11 brew sizes that are compatible with three pods. You have options to brew a single cup with K-Cup pods. It selects from 4,6,8,10, and 12 ounces.

If you are using the K-Mug pod, the coffee maker allows you to choose between 14,16 and 18 ounces.

For K-carafe pods, it brews in 3 sizes of 22,26, and 30 ounces. The carafe pods are sold separately as accessories.

Removable Parts

In both the K425 and K475, there are 2 removable parts which are the drip tray and water reservoir. The drip tray when removed allows putting other mugs or carafe. It also collects the drips of coffee which remain after finishing the brew.

Removing the water reservoir makes refilling easier since the coffee makers cant connect directly to the water source. It also helps cleaning and descaling easier.

Brewing Times

In both Keurig coffee makers, you can brew within 40 seconds. For stronger coffee, less time results in weaker coffee.

With the automatic brewing, the machines detect the pod and brews according to the time set for the specific size.


The K425 and K475 are compatible with the following systems;

  • K-Cup
  • K-Mug
  • K-Carafe
  • K-Vue

Auto On and Auto-Off

These settings are important with the auto-off in default setting comes in handy. The setting turns the coffee machine after two hours of inactivity.

Once the reservoir has water, the auto on the setting reads the time set and starts brewing automatically.


It’s good to clean the coffee maker regularly or after 6 months for continuous amazing coffee flavor taste.

The cleaning process is not that hard as it’s not done every day. With the water reservoir and drip tray removable, cleaning becomes easier and wont take long.


The K425 and K475 are medium coffee makers that cost a fair price. If you have a water filter, the K425 model will be suitable for your needs.

The price margin for the Keurig coffee makers is small but it’s your decision is yours to make.

Other Keurig coffee makers like K500 are a bit expensive but the K425 and K475  have the standard features to make great coffee without problems.

Generally, the K475 has been improved to perform extra than the K425. The difference is in few features in the box, but other features are identical.

It’s upon you to decide which Keurig machine K425 vs K475 is of great value.

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