How to Choose a Kitchen Faucet

There is no need to overthink how to choose a kitchen faucet because its easy like eating bacon. Whether you are looking for a faucet for a new kitchen or upgrading, the same factors come into consideration.

Kitchen faucets are one of the central pillars of the kitchen for washing dishes and other cleaning purposes. If you are looking to buy a kitchen faucet and this question runs in your mind, you are in the right place.

A working faucet is great but choosing a kitchen faucet that has all the qualities gives the kitchen a big compliment.

Choosing one from the plenty of faucets on the market can be tricky. Looks aren’t everything, as the features dictate the functionality of the faucet.

The following are the most important factors to consider to end up with the best kitchen for your kitchen.


The price of a product influences the decision to buy as it can be higher than you expected. This is not an issue if you have a budget set for the prefered kitchen faucet.

Have a planned budget

If you set a range of a budget, you can control temptations of expensive faucets that perform the same job. A budget of $100 to $200 has a great kitchen faucet from the renowned brands.

Mounting options

Before you buy the best kitchen faucet, its good to know the mounting involved for the faucet. There are several mounting options for different sink setups.

Number of holes in the sink

Also, you have to know the number of holes in your sink for mounting the kitchen faucet. This can save you time and money drilling new holes for mounting.


The faucets that are for sink mount, requires to know the number of holes to mount the sink. There are faucets that have one, three, four holes for mounting.

Depending on the type of faucet, single handle or more handles make the configuration easy when you understand this.


These mounting styles as the name suggests are configured to the wall. Mostly you need a plumber to install the faucet according to the measurements and placements.


If you choose to mount the deck option, you need to ensure you have the corresponding sinks to fit the deck mount faucet. This option is best for farmhouses and undermount sinks.


The options are endless for this due to the variety to choose from in the market. Whichever style you choose, it should be compatible with the sink type.

A stylish kitchen with the right faucet and sink gives the kitchen a complete sleek DIY. You can choose from the different styles below to fit your kitchen.

  • Modern
  • Traditional
  • Contemporary
  • Rustic
  • Transitional


Kitchen faucets come with different numbers of handles and types. Most kitchen faucets have a single handle or double handles.

Single handle vs double handle

The single handle faucet rotates directionally to regulate the flow of water. They are simple and convenient that come in great designs to fit the sink even for large pots and pans. Require one hole for mounting the faucet.

On the other hand, double-handle faucets make the control easier and flexible. They require at least three-hole to install.

Faucet Technology

The faucet industry has not been left behind with technology advancements. There are some high-end faucets that have modern technology to simplify the control of the faucet.

Touch Faucets

These faucets use sensors to control the turning of water on and off by just a touch on the faucet. Adjusting the temperature is still manually done through the handles.

Power is required to run these touch-on faucets with most using batteries to power the sensor. Electricity can also be used to power the faucet.

Motion-activated (Touchless Faucet)

In other words, these are the touchless kitchen faucets that are hands-free operation. The faucet is activated by motion to trigger the sensors to automatically run water on or off. Handles to control the water flow and temperatures.

Materials & Finishes

It’s important to have a great finish for a kitchen faucet. There are various finishes like brushed nickel, polished chrome, stainless steel, matte black, oil-rubbed bronze, and others.

Kitchen faucets with the construction of strong materials like stainless steel, solid-brass have proven to be durable and reliable.

Depending on your kitchen style, you need to choose a finish that matches perfectly.

Height & Weight

Its good to be aware of the height and weight of the faucet so that there is a balance on the countertop. You need to consider the space above the faucet, especially for low cabinets.

Hose/spout length

A large sink will require to have a high arc kitchen faucet with a long spout. A long spout can rotate in 360 degrees enabling flexible usage. High arc faucets create space over the sink to wash dishes without water splashing all over.

Side, Pull-Down or Pull-Out Sprayer

This is great to make your cleaning easier and flexible with a great sprayer. There are different types of faucet sprayers to choose from which are pull-down, pull-out and side spray.

Also, the sink size and type comes to play in the types of sprayer for your kitchen faucet.

Ceramic valves

Faucet with ceramic valves is great for being drip-free and reliable. The ceramic valves can last long without any damages ensuring smooth water flow.


Finally, remember to check the quality of the faucet you want to buy. Quality comes with a slight price but they are worth it.

If you consider these factors, it will be easy to choose the best kitchen faucet without regrets.

The brand also matters because most of the renowned kitchen faucet makers have an excellent experience with their products. Brands like Moen, Kholer, Delta, Danze, Kraus among others have the best faucets.

Cheaper faucets are made of cheap materials like some parts being of plastic raise a red flag. Quality faucets are made with stainless steel, solid-brass material, and ceramic disk valves.

Make sure to consider these important facts to get the best faucet for your kitchen. I hope this post helps you.