How Long Does Olive Oil Last? Does Olive Oil Go Bad

Most of the eatable products in the kitchen have an expiry date except for honey and wine which gets better with time. Olive oil is a widely used oil for various cooking tasks in recipes. This post will answer how long does olive oil last.

When you walk into a supermarket, you can see the manufacturing and expiry date on the products package.

Olive is no different, Olive can go bad after some period. Once olive oil is opened, it’s better to use it faster and finish within 1 to 2 months. When the bottle is not opened, olive oil can last for 2 years stored in the right conditions.

You can store the opened bottle in the pantry or another place without direct sunlight or hot conditions. The bottle should be sealed tightly in its original bottle to prevent it from going bad.

Olive oil shelf life is majorly affected by the following factors;

  • Olive varietal
  • Heat and air (oxidation)
  • Direct sunlight contact
  • Fatty acid profile and polyphenol content
  • Quality of the fruit
  • Maturity of olives when harvested
  • Harvesting method
  • Milling/processing procedures
  • Climate factors and conditions
  • blending practices

The olive oil bottles come with best by date label just like other vegetable oils.  These dates are estimates on the period the olive oil can stay fresh maintaining the nutrients.

Depending on the factors that affect the shelf life of olive oil, some brands can go bad than others.

Types Of Olive Oil

Olive oil has many uses even for beauty cosmetics and other industrial uses. The edible olive oil is mostly known as the following;

Extra Virgin – This oil is extracted by mechanical or physical processes not exposed to chemicals. It involves processes of washing, grinding, centrifuging, decanting and filtration.

Refined – The oil is refined to obtain a pure version of oil without other substances.

Olive oil – this is a mixture of virgin oil and refined oil.

Does Olive Oil Go Bad? How To Tell If Olive Oil Is Bad

We have already established that olive oil goes bad after some period. First, to tell if the olive oil has gone bad, you have to check the best by date on the bottle.

The date of expiry is an estimate and the other methods to tell if the olive oil has gone bad.

Opening the bottle and smelling it can tell you if the oil has gone bad. Fresh olive oil smells like ripe olives or fresh green if you know they smell. Rancid oil has crayons or putty smell of rancid walnuts.

Also, you simply taste the olive oil. Taste a tablespoon of the oil and if you fill a flat or musty flavor, it’s possibly gone bad. Spoiled olive oil doesn’t contain the peppery kick in the back of your throat.

A mild stinging on the tongue or throat is a great sign for good olive oil since the antioxidants are present.

Note: If you see the presence of discoloration, mold near the seal, consistency change or off odor, its time to throw away the bottle of olive oil.

How To Store Olive Oil For Longer Shelf Life

Proper storage of olive oil will prevent it from spoiling faster than expected. The main threats of olive oil going bad are light, heat oxygen and of course time.

Once you open the olive oil bottle, it’s better to seal it tightly and store it in dark places or the pantry. Expose to oxygen leads to oxidation whereby the nutrients are lost.

The perfect temperature for storage is between 60-72°F. Hot temperatures affect the freshness of olive oil.

Final Thought

There you go! Its clear olive oil can go bad. If stored under good conditions, the oil can last for up to 2 years.

It’s better to store the olive oil bottle as suggested in this article to avoid it going bad or losing nutrients.

When cooking with olive oil is better to know and tell when the oil goes bad. There is nothing to get someone scared since we all use olive oil within a few months after purchasing.

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