Blanco Sink Reviews – Silgranit II & Stainless steel

When thinking of replacing or renovating your kitchen, Blanco sink has to come to your mind if you like quality and elegance. Blanco is a reputable company from Germany with lots of style for the kitchen sink and other kitchen fixtures. This article is about the Blanco Sink Reviews to help you choose one of the best kitchen sinks on the market.

Established back in 1925, Blanco focuses on quality, durability, unbeatable designs first-class materials and innovation among other qualities.

Blanco being from Germany where many quality brands come from has set the standards of sink manufacturing. They also have an American branch that is over 25 years old creating diversity in the innovation of different types of kitchen sinks. 

Having the perfect sink in the kitchen makes the cleaning of dishes easier. You may have a dishwasher but definitely, you’ll need a kitchen sink one way or another.

With many types of kitchen sinks from different brands in the market, it can be hard to choose one or several for your home use. Depending on the design of your kitchen, different styles of kitchen sinks need to be compatible to avoid extra plumbing jobs.

We have decided to do Blanco Sink Reviews because of, its one of the best and leading brand manufacturing kitchen sink. Here at bestkitchenguides, we only review the best and top products to provide value to our readers.

Blanco has similar resemblance sharing the same qualities ensuring every Blanco sink you buy, you get the same Blanco experience. The only difference includes the sizes, number of bowls, the material of construction, style, and price.

Overview Of Blanco’s Sinks

Blancos’s reputation comes from years of experience in kitchen manufacturing. Blanco sink is mostly known for its granite composite material aka silgranit. They also manufacture stainless steel kitchen sinks that are top quality and efficient to use. The following are the qualities that make Blanco sink the best for your kitchen sink.

Construction Quality

Blanco kitchen sink is always constructed in a quality way to ensure durability and smooth functionality. They are built to last for long periods which gives you value for your money investment. The granite sink is tough even to withstand heat making it unbreakable.

Silgrant material looks attractive creating an inspiring DIY if properly matched with the rest of the kitchen decor. Silgrant is also resistant to scratches from metals like knives and other metal kitchen utensils.

Granite sinks are highly non-porous which makes them resistant to stains from liquids and foods in the kitchen. This is the most quality kitchen sink to install in the kitchen with hygienic benefits and easy to clean surface.


The sink comes with great art to fit all types of kitchen concepts with flexible designs. Different colors to choose from are available to create the look and feel of the kitchen countertop. The versatility of Blanco’s sink involves the manufacturing of contemporary and modern kitchen sinks.

Whether its under-mount kitchen sink or farmhouse kitchen sink, they all come in a great design. The matte finish is mostly loved by customers due to its great look. The kitchen sinks can be single bowl sink, double bowl sinks with various eye-catching designs.


The cost of Blanco kitchen sinks varies depending on the size, model and specifications. In general, silgranit sinks are affordable mostly under $500 in most of the online stores and local stores. Considering the durability and resistance to scratches, stains, and non-fading of the color, it’s a good investment to make.


In terms of reliability, the Blanco sinks are versatile to fit many different purposes of kitchen sinks. They come with extra accessories to increase productivity in the kitchen as well as simplifying washing routines. Owning a Blanco kitchen sink enables you to perform dishwashing faster and comfortable.


Blanco kitchen sinks come in different sizes and depth depending on the purpose of the sink. Commercial sinks are usually deep to accommodate large volumes of dishes and easy cleaning process. A great sink has to be deep enough to give room for the faucet and the utensils when washing.

Undermount sinks from Blanco have a great depth enough to handle household dishes. This depends on your preference of depth but all are available from Blanco.


With such a strong construction quality, Blanco kitchen sinks don’t require much maintenance. They are not prone to damage and can withstand most of the destruction materials. This is the kind of sink to install in the kitchen and never mind of reckless damage and regular maintenance.

Range of Materials

Blanco kitchen sink is not limited to granite composite sink materials but they also produce stainless steel kitchen sinks. Quartz is also another material used by Blanco to manufacture kitchen sinks. The material used influences the pricing of the sink because some materials are cheap and others expensive.

Blanco Granite/Silgranit Sink Review

1. Blanco 440194 Diamond kitchen-sinks, Anthracite

The best drop in single basin under-mount granite sink with maximum space for easy usage. Its made of 80% solid granite which makes it tough to resist scratches, stains, alkaline substances and heat resistance up to 536°F. The deck thickness is 1/2 and a flat deck suitable for either drop-in and undermount installations.

Apart from the durability of Blanco 440194, it comes with attractive designs, finish and a variety of colors. Some of the available colors are like Anthracite, Biscotti, Biscuit, Café Brown, Metallic Gray, Truffle and white.

Blanco Sink Reviews

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  • Single-basin design provides maximum workspace
  • Premier finishing process – will resist staining, chipping and scratching through everyday use.
  • Color: Anthracite
  • Extremely hygienic, non-porous surfaces
  • Constructed of Blanco’s SILGRANIT II material – making it durable and fade resistant
  • Installs in a drop-in or undermount configurations
  • Offset drain placement increases workspace area in the sink as well as storage space underneath.
  • 1 faucet hole ready for use, and 6 prepared “knock-outs” to create additional holes for use.
  • Covered under Blanco’s limited lifetime warranty


  • Bowl depth: 9½
  • Shape: rectangular
  • Required outside cabinet: 36”
  • Cutout corner radius: 5/8”
  • 80% solid granite
  • Number of faucet holes: 1

2. Blanco 440180 Diamond 1-3/4-Inch Bowl, White

This kitchen sink has 2 bowls with one being bigger than the other and also a difference in their depth. A strong construction from 80% solid granite (silgranit ii) with a non-porous surface to resist household stains, scratching and chipping. The depth is 9-1/2 inches on the left side and the right side is 8 inches.

The installation method for this great sink is undermount with easy steps to install. Additional installation accessories are available in case you need them but at extra cost. The white color offers a great look and attractive look and feels for people who like the white color. Alternative colors are also available which include Biscuit, Anthracite Finish, Biscotti, Café Brown, Cinder, Metallic Grey, and Truffle.

Blanco Sink Reviews

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  • Required Outside Cabinet: 36″.
  • 80% solid granite.
  • Heat resistant up to 536°F.
  • Unsurpassed cleanability backed by industry-leading 7 patents!
  • Resistant to scratches, stains, and household acids and alkali solutions.
  • Template provided with approximate 1/8″ reveal.
  • Undermount clips included.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.

3. Blanco BL440150 Precis 440150 Super Single Bowl

This BL440150 has a simple design and elegant look with its white color. Just like the Blanco kitchen sink, it can resist scratches and stains due to its strong construction material, 80% solid granite. The heat resistance is up to 536°F so you don’t need to worry about slashing foods and hot cookware on top of the sink.

Most customers have been amazed by the easy cleaning it requires and no harsh cleaning chemicals needed. The sink is also durable and hard to damage even with the heaviest cast iron cookware. The surface prevents bacteria from growing on your sink providing a hygienic option and clean environment.

Alternative colors; Biscuit, Anthracite Finish, Biscotti, Café Brown, Cinder, Metallic Grey, and Truffle.

Blanco Sink Reviews

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  • 80% solid granite
  • Heat resistant up to 536° F
  • Easy cleaning backed by industry-leading 7 patents.
  • Resistant to scratches, stains and all household acids and alkali solutions.
  • Required Outside Cabinet: 36″
  • Undermount clips are provided
  • Bowl Depth: 9-1/2″
  • Accepts 3-1/2″ U.S. drain fittings
  • Limited Lifetime warranty

4. Blanco 441309 Performa 1.75 Medium Bowl Sink, Metallic Gray

A dual bowl and spacious sink are what defines the Blanco 441309 Performa. It comes with a low sink divider which divides the sink to create space to wash large utensils like pots and pans. It has a patented Hygienic Plus formula to protect bacteria build-up and growth.

Similar to other quality Blanco sinks, its made with 80% granite strong enough to resist heat and damages in the kitchen. The kitchen sink looks great and it has a variety of colors to fit different countertop styles.

Colors include Anthracite, Biscotti, Café Brown, Metallic Grey, and Truffle

Blanco Sink Reviews

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  • Made with 80% solid granite (SILGRANIT II).
  • Available in 7 different colors.
  • A Minimum outside cabinet size is 36″.
  • Drains are not included.
  • Add new low divide functionality and divider height are 6″.
  • Sink Dimension – 33″*19″. and bowl depth are 10″/10″
  • Heat the resistant up to 536-degree F.
  • Acid and stain-resistant product.
  • Installation Method: Undermount
  • Blanco Limited lifetime warranty.

5. Blanco 27-27×18 522428 Precis 26-13/16″

Most of the Blanco kitchen sinks have similar features and material when it comes to granite sinks. The difference occurs to the specifications and type of the sink and intended usage. The Blanco is great for compact kitchens to save space while providing enough space cleaning dishes.

This sink is designed specifically for 30 inches cabinets. The depth of the sink is 9½ enough to fit big pots and pans. With its rock hard 80% granite material, the sink is durable and resistant to damage as well as corrosion.

Blanco Sink Reviews

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  • Measures: 17.75 x 24.8 x 8.6 in
  • Bowl depth: 9-1/ inches
  • Required outside cabinet: 30”
  • Cutout size: Template provided with approximate 1/8” reveal
  • 80% solid granite
  • Installation Method: Undermount
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Blanco Stainless Steel Sink Reviews

Stainless steel material for the sink is another prefered and loved by users due to its availability and great style. With the right gauge, stainless steel makes up quality and durable kitchen sink. The following are the best Blanco stainless steel sink reviews which are based on the ratings and customer satisfaction.

1. Blanco 519547 Quatrus R15

This is a quality single bowl kitchen sink and an undermount installed which is excellent. Made out of 304 series stainless steel and 18 gauge stainless steel which is the most recommended gauge for stainless steel sinks. Comprises of 18/10 Chrome Nickel content to enhance the strength of the kitchen sink.

With a depth of 9 inches, it has enough space to accommodate large utensils and cleaning without any limitation. The required outside cabinet is 27 inches. To minimize noise level, it comes with installed sound deadening pads so you don’t have the worry of noise from the sink.

Also, a cutout size is available approximately 1/8 inches which gives more flexibility on its customization. The Quatrus R15 has a strong construction to withstand your garbage disposal machine. The kitchen sink brings the stainless steel unique and reliable sink to carry out the daily heavy usage in the kitchen.

Blanco Sink Reviews

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  • Material Quality: 304 Series Stainless Steel – 18 Gauge Stainless Steel
  • Type: Single Bowl
  • 18/10 Chrome-Nickel Content
  • Bowl Depth: 9″ – Required outside cabinet: 27″
  • Color & Finish: Stainless steel
  • Installation Method Undermount
  • Limited lifetime warranty

2. Blanco 441587 One Undermount Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

The 441587 is a medium size perfect for household kitchen sink and also compact kitchens. It is constructed from quality material which is 304 series stainless steel with an 18 gauge quality. It is further reinforced with 18/10 chrome-Nickel content.

Blanco 441587 can be easily installed even without an expert service and requires undermount installation. The undercount clips are provided and it also comes with installed sound deadening pads. When you drop a metal utensil on the sink, the noise is not loud due to sound deadening which absorbs sound. The sink is deep enough to handle most of the daily cleaning tasks with a 9 inches depth.

Blanco Sink Reviews

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  • Bowl Depth: 9″- Required outside cabinet: 27″
  • 304 Series Stainless Steel- 18 Gauge Stainless Steel
  • 18/10 Chrome-Nickel Content
  • Type: Single Bowl
  • Color & Finish: Stainless steel
  • Undercount clips provided.
  • Installed sound deadening pads
  • Cutout Size: Template provided with approximate 1/8″ reveal
  • Installation Method: Undermount
  • Dimensions 12 x 25 x 10 inches
  • Limited lifetime warranty

3. Blanco 440258 Spex Plus

440258 Spex plus comes with a double bowl which both has the same size measuring 14-inch x 16-inch x 8-1/2-inch. The overall size of the sink is 31-1/8-Inch x 18-Inch thus meaning a large spacious kitchen is most suitable for this size.

Just like other Blanco stainless steel kitchen sinks, the construction material is the same and also the gauge is 18. The bottom side has a deluxe undercoating which also helps in noise reduction. Overall, the Spex plus kitchen sink is durable and very easy to clean due to the satin finish. Additionally, for installation efficiency, the product Includes mounting hardware.

Blanco Sink Reviews

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  • 18 gauge Stainless Steel
  • Bowls size: 14-inch x 16-inch x 8-1/2-inch
  • Under-mount installation
  • Includes mounting hardware
  • Style: no-rimming
  • Dimensions: 31 x 18 x 8.5 inches
  • Limited lifetime warranty

4. Blanco 441398, Stainless Steel

441398 brings more depth of the bowl which has 12 inches. The depth is extra than the normal 9 inches which other stainless steel kitchen sinks have created more space for quick and easy cleaning. The construction material is the same with 304 series stainless steel and 18 gauge quality.

Blanco Sink Reviews

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  • 304 Series Stainless Steel 18 Gauge Stainless Steel Refined Brushed Finish (RBF)
  • Bowl depth: 12” Required outside cabinet: 27” Cutout size: Template provided for undermount installation
  • Drain not included
  • Undermount installation method
  • Dimensions 23 x 17.25 x 12 in
  • Style: Contemporary
  • Limited lifetime warranty

5. Blanco 441586 One Super Undermount Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

A small sized Blanco single bowl kitchen sink with a depth of 9 inches and outside cabinet requirement of 33 inches. Made of series 304 stainless steel and 18 gauge. It also has sound deadening pads for noise reduction which makes it a great kitchen sink. The shape provides a spacious bowl capacity for easy operation when cleaning.

Blanco Sink Reviews

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  • 304 Series Stainless Steel- 18 Gauge Stainless Steel 18/10 Chrome-Nickel Content
  • Bowl Depth: 9″- Required outside cabinet: 33″
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Spacious bowl capacity Undercount clips are provided.
  • Installed sound deadening pads
  • Cutout Size: Template provided with approximate 1/8″ reveal
  • Undermount installation method
  • Limited lifetime warranty

History Of Blanco Company

In summary, Blanco company was formed in the year 1925 by Heinrich Blanc at Oberderdingen, Germany. After several years, the company grew and had increased demand. In 1988, Blanco opened its doors to the USA by building a production plant. As time goes on, the company continues to set standards in manufacturing kitchen sinks.

Throughout their history, the quality and elegance of their products have been impressive. They have a rich history in the innovation of quality sinks and giving back to the community through their many charities.

Conclusion (Blanco Sink Reviews )

Blanco has many years of experience in the kitchen sink manufacturing and other appliances. The most popular products are the granite composite sinks or silgranit kitchen sinks. These sinks come in quality materials and elegant styles to fit all types of kitchen.

From single bowl sink to double bowl sinks, all possess the same qualities and unique design. The above kitchen sinks from Blanco is high quality and cost-friendly to serve for a long time.