Best Range Hoods For Gas Stoves- In-depth Guide & Reviews

The hygiene and freshness of the kitchen are some of the vital things to maintain especially when using gas stoves for cooking. These gas stoves emit toxic fumes harmful to the air we breathe and the necessary procedures to get rid of the emissions should be installed. You’ll need the best range hoods for gas stoves to keep the harmful smoke and grease outside your kitchen and stay healthy free from emissions.

A range hood is a kitchen device that has the mechanical ability to absorb smoke, grease, fumes, heat, and odor using powerful fans to remove them. To keep these toxic combustions out, the ducted and recirculating range hoods can be used for better results.

The ducted range expels the air outside while the recirculating range cleans the air and returns it to the system providing a fresh,  clean and safe kitchen.

Gas stoves emit more humid heat than the electric ones and that’s the reason you should have only the best range hood specifically for gas stoves. There are many range hoods for the kitchen to buy, but they serve different kitchen stoves.

This guide will help you choose the best range hoods for gas stoves. Whether installing a new range hood to a new kitchen or replacing an old one, we have considered the unit to have.

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Comparison table of the best range hoods for gas stoves. 

ProductCFMNoise LevelPrice
Kitchen Bath Collection STL75-LED Stainless Steel 400<58db Check Price
AKDY 30" Kitchen Wall Mount Stainless Steel400<65db Check Price
Broan QP230SS Evolution 2 30 In Convertible Range Hood250<65db Check Price
Kitchen Bath Collection HA75-LED 412<58db Check Price
Golden Vantage Euro-Style Island Mount Range Hood299<65db Check Price
Broan 413004 ADA Capable Non-Duct ed Under-Cabinet Range Hood160<56db Check Price
Chef Range Hood C400 30” Slim Under Cabinet Kitchen Extractor750<65db Check Price
FIREBIRD New 30″ European Style400<65db Check Price
Cosmo Under Cabinet Range Hood200<56db Check Price

Before you buy a range hood, there are some facts about the features you should know about. Assuming you are not experienced with range hoods, take a look at these features included in various types of range hoods.

The placement methods of the range hood also matter and should be also a big factor to consider and understand. Buyers guide at the bottom of this article will help to choose the best range hoods for gas stoves with the best features to suit your needs.

1. Kitchen Bath Collection STL75 LED Kitchen Range Hood

This range hood from kitchen bath collections is the best range hoods for gas stoves you can get for your kitchen.

With its rich features to distinguish itself from other average range hoods, makes it unique and high-quality device.

The device is built with a stainless steel construction which makes it durable and strong to withstand any kind of emissions in the kitchen.

First, the customer reviews are exciting as they are saying good things and experiences of STL75 Kitchen Bath Collection range hood after purchasing. The motor of the range hood is very powerful with a 193W and 400 CFM in air purging power which is up to standards.

What about the sound? The sound ranges between 48 and 58 decibels that means are one of the quietest range hoods with less noise. The LED lights provide more brightness than other conventional models. The 98 bulbs cast enough light to enable you to see inside your cooking pots.

Secondly, the unit comes with the ability to use ducted and ductless mode adding more preference to the user. The unit is also convertible out of the box. You don’t need extra kits or purchases to use this range hood saving you some money.

Finally, the digital control panel has a touchscreen that’s makes operating the unit easier and convenient. The fan is controlled with one of the 3 blower settings. Included also are Charcoal filters, adjustable vent, 2-piece adjustable chimney, and washable grease traps.

The functionality of this range hood of high standards which makes it one of the best range hood for gas stoves.

  • Adjustable hood thus no tools needed
  • Digital control panel
  • Stainless steel construction for durability
  • Three LED lights for visibility
  • The charcoal filter capture more gas and smoke emitted
  • Three-speed settings for convenience
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • The LED lights can be loose after some time
  • Needs a professional to install it

2. AKDY 30″ Kitchen- Touch Panel Control Range Hood.

The AKDY 30is a wall-mount unit with an aesthetic chimney and high power airflow. The CFM is 400 which is enough to pull any type of irritants out of the kitchen and provide fresh air.

The noise levels of the unit are 65dB which is a bit higher than the number one choice. The range hood has a stainless steel construction making it easy to clean.

If you are looking for a more functional range hood, this model is the right choice. The unit comes with a digital control touch panel to make you operate it with more flexibility.

In the panel, you can adjust the LED lights to the right amount you need in the kitchen. Also, the blowing of the system can be regulated here. One of the distinguishing features of this range hood is the inbuilt clock and timer.

The AKDY range hood is made to be installed ducted thus the ductless options can be purchased separately. The range hood has an air flap to keep the heat from escaping when the hood is inactive.

It comes with a warranty of 1 year covering against damages and defects. The features of this range hood qualify it to be one the best range hood for gas stoves at an affordable price.

  • Digital controls
  • Maximum CFM of 400
  • Less noise operation of 65dB
  • Has a timer and 12-hour clock
  • 2- integrated LED lights
  • Sleek design
  • High-quality mesh filter made of Aluminum
  • 1- year limited warranty
  • Designed for 8 or 9 ft ceilings
  • It is louder than the other models
  • Difficult to turn the display off

3. Broan QP230SS Evolution 2 30 In Convertible Range Hood

Best Range Hoods For Gas StovesThe Broan hoods are among the most used across the world due to their simple design. The installation of this range hood is easier and has powerful features to make you like it more.

It is made of stainless steel which enables cleaning the hood easy and get rid of grease deposits on the device.

The nonstick bottom panel helps the material to stay free from sticky grease and additional antimicrobial coating to prevent bacteria.

The blower is powerful to help get rid of the much gas to the outside maintaining a fresh and clean kitchen. As far as the lights, it comes with integrated halogen lights. You can set the preferred settings of the range hood for different operations like light cooking and can be set high or low. The Broan QP230SS  is the perfect range hood for installing under the cabinet.

  • It has easy installation and low maintenance materials.
  • Nonstick bottom for easy cleaning
  • Integrated filter with antimicrobial for preventing bacteria.
  • Built-in lamps (4) for better visibility
  • The under-cabinet design saves space in the kitchen.
  • 3 blower speeds
  • 10-years limited warranty on the parts
  • The halogen bulbs can be noisy
  • Less powerful than the other range hoods

4. Kitchen Bath Collection HA75-LED Kitchen Range Hood

Best Range Hoods For Gas StovesIf you like the style and modern design range hoods the HA75-LED is the perfect match for your kitchen.

The wall-mount range hood with a stainless steel finish and a curved glass dome compliments the elegance of the kitchen.

Not only is the design great but the features are admirable like the digital touch screen control to help you set the setting with a push of a button.

It has 3-speed settings and has a maximum CFM of 412 which is enough for most of the gas stoves. The top of the range hood is adjustable to enable the user to fit it depending on the wideness of the space. It is totally customize-able. It is regarded as the best vent-less range hood and I would suggest it for your home use.

  • Digital control panel
  • 3 blower speeds
  • Removable and washable screens
  • Charcoal filters are provided
  • High-end LED lights
  • The chimney is adjustable
  • The design is of sleek stainless steel and glass
  • The quiet operation of 48-58dB
  • The glass can be hard to maintain
  • The lights can have difficulties sometimes.

5. Golden Vantage Euro-Style Island Mount Range Hood

Best Range Hoods For Gas StovesThis range hood has similar features to the AKDY model but it consumes more power up to 30%. The noise levels are at 65dB which is medium level to have.

The LED lights provide excellent lighting as the open area of the island requires more light. There is the island mount chimney that takes care of extra smells from the kitchen.

As the power of the range, the hood has 299 CFM powerful enough to clean up your air and keep the kitchen fresh. The baffle filters of the unit help in quick cleaning and grease removal. Another great feature is that the button controls have an easy 3 speeds navigation to help control the fan and lights.

Unfortunately, if you prefer going ductless the components are sold separately and include a carbon filter. You can also replace the standard Aluminum mesh filter for ductless use. The warranty is 3 years which is better than the others with only one year.

6. Broan 413004 ADA Capable Non-Duct ed Under-Cabinet Range Hood

Best Range Hoods For Gas StovesThe Broan 413004 is a popular range hood with great features and low cost. The non-ducted under cabinet range hood provides effective filtration of the harmful steams and grease to keep the air fresh in the kitchen.

It includes a removable combination grease-charcoal filter for cleaner indoor exhaust recirculations. This is the most affordable range hood from the Broan manufacturers which performs high quality and effective filtration.

The range hood is available in different contemporary styles of Almond black, white and stainless steel. The fan consists of 2-speed fans.

  • Non-duct ed filter with an effective filtration
  • Low cost
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Low noise levels
  • Installation is easy
  • Has fewer features than other range hoods
  • The lighting bulbs are not included

7. Chef Range Hood C400 30” Slim Under Cabinet Kitchen Extractor

Best Range Hoods For Gas StovesThis is not your normal range hood as it has great functionality and unique features too. It provides self-cleaning to the range hood and comes with a water reservoir in the unit.

It can be activated to run a 38-second cleaning protocol splashing the grease out of the internal blades of the fan.

The reason the unit runs in high efficiency is that of the 750 CFM powerful enough to support the unit’s operation. The 6-speed fan hits the irritants very hard and fast creating a fresh environment in the kitchen. The auto-off feature works fine to help you set the unit to operate itself and shut off when not in use to save power.

8. FIREBIRD New 30″ European Style Wall Mount Stainless Steel Range Hood Vent W/Touch Control

Best Range Hoods For Gas StovesFirebird 30 has a unique bold design that attracts the eye every time you are in the kitchen. It is has a stainless steel construction which makes it strong and easy to clean.

The control panel has multiple settings to control the timer, the 3-speed fan and other operations of the range hood. The three-speed fan can reach to a maximum of 400 CFM to make strong enough to clean the air.

The filters are great with 2 baffles made of stainless steel which the unwanted grease from sticking in the range hood and ensure air is filtered throughout. The filters are also easy to remove for cleaning purposes and put them back with ease.

Unfortunately, If you prefer to go with the ductless recirculating installation, the carbon filters are sold separately. All in all this range hood has a lot to offer in the kitchen and can perform all the operations of the most popular range hoods.

  • Digital control panel
  • 3 blower speeds
  • The noise level is less than 65dB
  • The power usage is normal at 120V
  • Has 3-years warranty for the parts
  • It is easy to clean
  • The instructions are very generic and can be difficult to understand
  • The filters have compatibility issues in some installations

9. Cosmo Under Cabinet Range Hood in Stainless Steel with 200 CFM (30 in)

Best Range Hoods For Gas StovesA great range hood for small space houses or most suitable for apartments as well as condos. The Cosmo has a slim design which enables it to save space once you install.

The range hood is powerful and also can maintain a low noise level at 56dB and 200 CFM. Cosmo under cabinet range hood can be used ductless with an optional filter (carbon) and has an easy installation process.

It can be installed under the cabinet or against the wall and both mounting methods produce excellent results.

  • It has a slim space-saving design
  • A quiet range hood 56dB
  • LED lights to enhance the visibility
  • Aluminum filters to trap the grease and oil
  • Convertible to ductless
  • Cheaper than the other range hoods
  • Five years limited warranty
  • The optional carbon filter for ductless is sold separately

Features & there meaning

The most common features of range hood for standard operations.

Ductless or Recirculating systems

These systems move the air through loops and filter the air in the process to make it clean and safe. The recirculating systems bring the fresh air back to the kitchen. These systems are more suitable in big buildings where the ducts and vents to bridge the to the outside would be challenging.


The range hood is a practically a big fan with extra features, and like any other fan or machine, it makes a sound. The more powerful and distance from the gas stove, then more sound will be put out. The technology in modern range hoods has helped some range hoods to have a quiet operation making them more user-friendly.


This is the unit to measure the power of the range hood which is cubic feet per minute. The more air exhausted from the hood, the more power is needed. Most gas stoves require between 600 to 1000 CFMs for efficient operation.


The filters are used by the range hoods to capture the irritants and get rid of harmful residue that gets to the ducts or vents. The filters are both available in ducted and ductless systems which are vital for the systems. They can be of Aluminum which is the most common and very easy to clean and replace it.

Vented and Ducted Systems

These systems help the range hood by connecting them to the outside environment. Depending on the kitchen design, the systems should be a big consideration to avoid incompatibility.

Extra Features

Some of the top manufacturers have gone the extra mile to provide more comfort of operation to their products. Range hood may comprise lighting bulbs or LED, control options inform of touchpads or analog buttons.

The Placement Method

There are many types of range hoods in the market and with different placements options. The most common placements of range hoods for gas stoves are as follows.


As the name sounds, the range hood rests on the wall and attaches to the cupboards. The wall mount reaches the outside environment faster compared to the others due to the wall mount.

Under Cabinet

This method has the hood attached to the cabinet under and above the range. It is the most common hood placement in most kitchen settings and creates a uniform style to give your kitchen a sense of great matching design.


In this method, the flue stretches over the range mostly common in island ranges to cover the chimney.

How to Choose the Best Range Hoods For Gas Stoves

There are many factors to look at when choosing the right range hood for your gas stoves. You always have to ensure all your kitchen needs are considered and well captured. The following will help to make a better decision for your range hood.

Noise Levels

Noise is a disturbance to your household and keeps off people in need of a quiet environment. Your kitchen needs a range hood with less noise and there are many range hoods with quiet fans in the market as well.

You can measure the noise levels by using the sones or decibels which are the measuring unit. The higher the decibels, the louder the range hood will be thus a quieter option is more preferable.


I would advise for a fixed wall-mounted model especially for customers on a budget because they are the cheapest on the market.


The shape of the range hood is a factor to be considered like the canopy shaped are great for installing on ceiling especially for island range hood. These range hoods are large in size to fit in serious kitchens with multi-burner gas stoves. They are very powerful and so the price is a bit pricey but worth the value.

Duct vs Ductless

The duct connects the range hood to the outside to create proper ventilation in the kitchen. If you don’t want to use the duct, then the ductless model is another option to consider which is cost-effective to install.

The ductless compared to the duct model is that they can’t get rid of all the emitted vapors and heat from the kitchen range. The ductless use charcoal filters to absorb the emissions of the gas stove and needs to be replaced regularly. The ducted model is more efficient than the ductless because it connects to the outside increasing the number of vapors eliminated.

Depending on the kitchen setup, one of the options will be helpful to get rid of harmful smoke and heat in the kitchen.

Power & airflow

The power of the range hood should be sufficient to operate and get rid of the fumes with ease. You need to check the CFM of the range hood to make sure it will be up to the task of your kitchen needs. A higher CFM is more suitable to enable a clean and fresh kitchen environment.


Range hoods that are retractable are mostly suitable for small size kitchens or the cabinet is directly above the gas stove. The retractable range hood pulls out when needed to function in the kitchen which can great to space management.

Mounting type

The mounting type of the range hood is a big factor to consider for how to fit the device to your kitchen. Some range hoods are easy to fit and others are complex which needs a contractor to fit them. Some of the common mounting types include the following:


This version installs against the wall and works well with a duct system to connect to the outside. The measurement differs for the range hoods, thus it’s important to know the measurements for excellent fitting to the wall. They can also use a ductless system too.


If the kitchen has a cabinet above the gas stove, then you will need to use under cabinet range hood models. They are easy to install even you can do it yourself. Compared to other models, the under cabinet range hoods are not as powerful as the wall-mount models.


The range hoods are installed to hang from the ceiling and are very light to enable them to hang without adding extra weight to the ceiling. They have an attractive design but they are less powerful than the wall-mount models.

Final Verdict

The best range hoods for gas stoves make operations in the kitchen easier and healthier environment. For best results and powerful range hood, most of the above listed are capable of the performance. The budget-friendly range hoods are also available with high value. All these range hoods will give the performance you are looking for and stay fresh in the kitchen.