Best Professional Mandoline Slicer

If you are are looking to advance your kitchen prep and tired of using knives to cut potatoes, cucumber zucchini, and others, the best professional mandoline slicer is the solution. With this mandoline slicers, preparation of food is faster and less tiresome.

Whether you are a chef or a normal home user in the kitchen, its fair to say that some of the mandoline slicers are dangerous because they can cut you. Safety of the Mandoline slicer is the most important feature among others to check before buying the best professional mandoline slicer.

Many professional mandoline slicers are available now with great features and safety measures giving the user confidence. It’s not necessary to spend much money to find the best professional mandoline slicer but with thorough research, you can get the best at a cheaper price.

The reasons for your need for mandoline slicer are determined by the use in the kitchen that distinguishes to have basic or a multi-use mandoline slicer. A multi-use mandoline slicer gives you the option to use it for more functions of cutting food in the kitchen. This guide gives the best professional mandoline slicer to buy to enjoy the professional-like experience when preparing food.

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The Top ten Best Professional Mandoline Slicer

1. Gramercy Kitchen Co. Adjustable Stainless Steel Mandoline Food Slicer

My top selection in this list Gramercy Kitchen adjustable Mandoline has the quality and features which a professional chef needs. It has total safety measures to protect you from slicing your fingers by having cut-resistant safety gloves.

A food holder enables you to slice without worries of an accident and also it comes with a blade guard for storage of the mandoline blades.

Cleaning is very easy with a specialty brush for cleaning the blades and other parts. The mandoline body is professional enough quality and easy to clean with surgical stainless steel. Strong blades with long-lasting sharpness that can resist bending or chipping. This ensures you of even cuts of your ingredients without altering the shapes.

The blades are adjustable with all slicing units built-in the device thus no hustle to remove to replace. It comes with two Julienne settings of 4.5mm and 9mm cutting both thin and thick. Storage of the unit is very safe by folding it flat you can put it inside your drawer, saves space. When you purchase you get a downloadable recipe guide to get you started.

Best Professional Mandoline Slicer

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2. OXO 3105300 Steel Chef’s Mandoline Slicer, Silver

OXO brand has several best professional mandoline slicer but this made among the top of the list. It has an indicator to show you the thickness setting from above the slicer. The blades offer four styles of cutting which include Julienne, crinkle cut, French Fry and straight cut blades.

You are ensured of a safe slicing process with the food holder that protects your hands and also has a soft grip. Its textured stainless steel runway prevents food from sticking when slicing maximizing the yield of slices. You can select the thickness and thinness of the slices by adjusting the dial to the right mm and produce straight, crinkle cut and waffle slices in different sizes.

With the straight blade, you can easily cut through firm fruits and vegetables like potatoes and apples. The serrated blade glides through soft foods like tomatoes, hollow foods like peppers and layered foods like onions.

An extra safety measure for this mandoline slicer is that the unused side of the blade is hidden. The Julienne blades are safely covered when not in use.

Best Professional Mandoline Slicer

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3. KitchenAid KC312OHOBA Mandoline Slicer

Kitchen Aid has a strong build design comfortable for any user to slice ingredients in just a flash of time. Consist of super sharp blades made of high quality and durable stainless steel. This is the most reliable hand-held mandoline slicer you can find on the market for professional duties.

4 slicing thickness enabled by the table under the blade by adjusting to the required slicing thickness or thinness. It has 1/32 inch, 1/16inch, 3/16 inch, 1/4 inch for cutting different ingredients.

The handguard for protecting the fingers is made of a free BPA plastic strong enough to withstand pressure when slicing. You can control the tool by holding the soft handle and increase the safety of the slicer.

Cleaning is easy and also dishwasher safe. Always recommended to hand wash the mandoline slicer if not in a hurry.

Best Professional Mandoline Slicer

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4. Progressive International PL8-1000 PL8 Mandoline Slicer, White

I like the dial-style setting this mandoline slicer has, with also an adjustable knob to do manual settings. You can slice in paper thin1.0mm, thick-cut up to 7.5mm with a quick turn of the wrist.

Its wide sliding deck made of stainless steel give the space to glide the ingredients safely and also secured by the handguard. A non-skid foot for safety is included to fold the mandoline for easy storage.

With its multifunctional blades, it can slice even delicate ingredients like fruits and vegetables producing a great result.  The progressive PL8-1000 Mandoline slicer has a strong built design, simplicity to last long and enjoy slicing your meals.

Best Professional Mandoline Slicer

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5. Swissmar Borner V Power Mandoline, V-7000

Swissmar has the experience to produce quality kitchen tools with state of the art. Borner based in Germany comes with all the credibility this country has for its manufactured tools.

Powerful blades with incredible surgical grade whereby; three inserts have 10 different cuts. You can slice 4 different thicknesses of shred, julienne, cube and french fries.

It is made of tough ABS plastic frame with slip-resistant rubber feet and also has a food safety holder. The handguard protects you from cutting your fingers.

Insert holder protects the blades when they are not in use and also functions as a drier. The patented push-button size & adjustment enables you to modify cuts without having to remove the insert.

Best Professional Mandoline Slicer

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6. Vegetable Slicer Green (Old Version)

An old version with great ratings compared to newer versions of mandoline slicers. The most interesting thing about this Benriner slicer is its simplicity and ability to cut vegetables into perfect slices.

The design is simple and durable made of ABS plastic body. Its size is small that wouldn’t take much space in your storage countertop.

The stainless steel blades cut the vegetables fast and great with a simple push. Comes also with a handguard for safety, giving a complete feel for a professional mandoline slicer. This slicer is inexpensive to have and get the job done especially slicing veggies by using 3 interchangeable blades for different slicing purposes. You can check the newer version of this mandoline slicer.

Best Professional Mandoline Slicer

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7. Chef’s INSPIRATIONS Premium V-Blade Mandoline Slicer

This Chef’s inspiration mandoline slicer is not just a slicer but can be used as a grater. A perfect mandoline best to slice food, vegetables, fruits. The body is made of BPA free materials with a combination of plastic and sturdy stainless steel to ensure durability.

The blades are v-shaped with very sharp edges to slice food efficiently. Another great feature is the 6 interchangeable inserts that allow slicing food in different sizes.

The slices include 1.5mm slice, 2.5mm slice, 3.5mm slice and julienne, 7mm julienne and 1.6mm grater insert. For safety, the Chef’s premium v-blade has Non slip rubber feet and a slicing guard to protect the hands. Cleaning takes a few seconds as you can even rinse under running water after use

Best Professional Mandoline Slicer

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  • 6 different inserts: 1.5mm, 2.5mm, 3.5mm, 3.5 Julienne, 7mm Julienne, and 1.6mm grater insert
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel mandoline base
  • A slicing handguard
  • Insert storage caddy for safe storage of inserts
  • Ultra-sharp V-blades that will slice your food effortlessly
  • Protective blade safety sleeve
  • Foldaway feet makes it easy to store.
  • Cleaning brush and Easy to clean

8. Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Slicer Set with Adjustable Mandoline

Kyocera boasts of versatile slicing blades for a variety of cutting functions. It comes with ultra-sharp and pure ceramic blades that maintain the edges sharp even ten times the stainless steel mandoline.

They are also rust-resistant that reduce the cleaning process and damages. The ergonomic design allows cutting the ingredients without much control needed due to its flexibility.

To adjust the mandoline slicer, the square dial by turning it will set the required thickness from 0.5mm, 1.3mm, 2.0mm, and 3.0mm slices. Kyocera slicer set consists of a 6-piece set of equipment for a variety of slicing options.

The sets fit over different types of bowls, plates or container for collecting the slices. This is a great mandoline slicer for cutting cabbage, carrots, onions, cucumber, ginger, hard cheese and potatoes.

Best Professional Mandoline Slicer

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  • Protective hand-guard included with all slicers.
  • Ergonomic handle has a notch for easy hanging.
  • Ultra-sharp, pure ceramic blades
  • Lightweight and easy to clean
  • rust-proof and resistant to germs and acids
  • Adjustable slicer (black), julienne slicer (red) and coarse grater (green).

9. Premium Stainless Steel Mandoline Slicer

It’s upgraded and better than before with cut resistant gloves and blades guard. The adjustable thickness can cut slices from 1 mm to 9 mm and 4.5 to 9mm julienne. Control the setting by turning the knob to cut cabbage, sweet potatoes, cucumbers and more.

The blades are strong made of stainless steel thicker to endure heavy cutting and prevent easy breakdown. It comes packed with safety set which includes a blade guard, cut resistant gloves, food holder and also a blade safety sleeve.

This is a safe mandoline slicer to use and enjoy quick slicing of foods. The mandoline slicer is dishwasher safe and also easy wash under running water.

Best Professional Mandoline Slicer

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10. Mueller Austria V-Pro Multi Blade Adjustable Mandoline Cheese/Vegetable Slicer

A professional-grade mandoline slicer with distinctive 5 ultra-sharp 420 grade hardened surgical stainless steel blade. The ABS plastic is non-toxic and BPA free to ensure healthy meals.

Slice different ingredients with the 5 interchangeable blades for slicing, julienne, and grating. All controlled easily by a thumb dial for you to cut perfect slices of onions, garlic, vegetables, and others.

Best Professional Mandoline Slicer

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  • Combines 5 blades slicer blade, wavy blade, grater, shredder, and coarse shredder.
  • Slicing guard wit stainless steel prongs
  • Fully adjustable thickness 1-9mm
  • Germany engineered Ultra-sharp blades made of stainless steel.

How To Choose The Best Professional Mandoline Slicer Buyer’s Guide.

Unique and quality design of mandoline slicers separates them from the regular slicers. Both of the mandoline produces similar results but the efficiency and simplicity to use the tool without complications is the key factor when buying a mandoline slicer.

Choosing the best professional mandoline slicer guarantees faster cutting of meal preps and reliability. Here are some of the factors to consider when looking to purchase a professional mandoline.

Factors To Consider In Mandoline Slicers


The overall design is one of the most important factors to look at as the construction should be flexible for easy usage. Light and strong professional mandoline slicer to endure the process of cutting even hard ingredients. You don’t need a slicer that will break when preparing meals due to the weak construction of the tool. Does the mandoline slicer have a stand or is it handheld? These are some of the considerations to make sure you have the design that suits your needs for slicing.

Most blades are made of stainless steel which is durable for you to use for a long time. Ceramic blades are also a good fit and are rust-resistant which makes them stay sharp.

Blade Type/Material

It’s important to ensure that the blades are more than one for you to be able to interchange between different blades with different sizes. This gives an option to slice a variety of ingredients in the preparation of meals. The material of the blades matters a lot due to the strength it provides. Powerful blades last longer after years of sharpening them without any breakdown.


Professional mandoline slicer should have a versatile capability for you to have more than one option functions of the slicer. A versatile slicer can be able to cut, julienne, grate, and chopping of ingredients into different sizes. Nowadays multifunctional appliances are the trend because they save you money and time.


What about safety? The best professional mandoline slicer should at least have a handguard to prevent your fingers from being chopped. Mandoline has very sharp blades that can cause an accident in the kitchen when mishandled.


Best professional mandoline slicers have attachments to use and utilize the tool to the maximum potential. It should be easy to swap the accessories in the slicer and still maintain its productivity.

The Cutting Guard

With cutting guard in place, the process preparation of meals becomes easier and safe. The guard protects the hands (fingers) from the sharp blades when cutting ingredients.

Cleaning Methods

Cleaning methods and the process should be easy to remove the remains of peels from the ingredients. Mandoline slicers which are dishwasher safe are a bonus to have. Hand cleaning is mostly recommended to thoroughly remove all the remnants.

Storage Compartment

This comes in handy for the storage of blades and other accessories for the mandoline slicer. Your kitchen will stay organized without scattered tools all over the kitchen. It should have enough space to fit all the accessories and the mandoline slicer.

Types of Mandoline Slicers

  • Hand-held & Freestanding Mandoline

Professional mandoline slicers come as a hand-held or a freestanding one which offers more diversity to choose from. Your needs will dictate the choice of mandoline to use. The freestanding gives a user great support to slice the ingredients without to must handling. Hand-held mandoline slicers give the user command in the position to slice from. You can move it whichever you like while slicing.

  • Single & Multi-Blades

The multiblade mandoline slicer has several interchangeable blades to slice different ingredients and sizes. The single blade has one blade for slicing. A single blade mandoline mostly suits people who don’t want to slice many types of ingredients while the multiblade is great for slicing a variety of ingredients. It’s recommended having a multiblade to utilize the mandoline slicer and get more out of it.

Tips For Using A Mandoline Slicer

As you can see from above, every professional mandoline slicer looks different but the use is similar to each other. Make sure to read carefully the instructions of the tool from the manufacturer to ensure 100% safety and efficiency.

  1. Make sure to slice possible pieces of ingredients, this means that you avoid chopping the remaining pieces to the last bit. Avoid chopping your fingers.
  2. Ensure the blades are sharp by sharpening them from time to time.
  3. Wear gloves when using the mandoline machine and even when washing to prevent an accident.
  4. Hold the mandoline firmly with one hand while the other pushes the ingredient down the mandoline runway.
  5. Its good to hand wash the mandoline slicer even if the model is dishwasher safe. This will maintain the sharpness of the blades.
  6. Change the blades to alter the thickness of the slices of the ingredients. Depending on the type of blades, whether adjustable or interchangeable, they are easily manageable.

How To Clean A Mandoline Slicer

To clean your professional mandoline slicer two methods can be applied. You can clean by handwashing or using a dishwasher machine. Most of the professional mandoline slicers are dishwasher safe. Washing a mandoline slicer by hand is mostly recommended because it maintains the blade edges sharpness.

What is the difference between a Mandoline Slicer & a Spiralizer

A Mandoline slicer is used to slice a variety of ingredients into different sizes and shapes of slices. This is a versatile machine to have because of the many functions it can handle with the right practice. Spiralizer, on the other hand, is a special tool used to cut hard ingredients like carrots, butternut squash, and others into long ribbons. You get to prepare food with great art and toppings.


Don’t wait for any more to get or upgrade your Mandoline slicer with the best professional mandoline slicer and get the best of meal preparation. This guide has chosen the best and safest mandoline slicers in the market for daily kitchen use. Whether you are a chef or a home user, using a professional mandoline slicer will improve the quality of your meals prep.

Select one of the top reviewed mandoline slicers and start chopping your ingredients faster and efficient for your meals. Having a mandoline slicer doesn’t mean you stop using a knife but it comes in when you want to slice thinner slices which a knife can’t.