Best Oranges For Juicing

As juicing continues to be more popular, orange juice lovers need to know the best oranges for juicing.

The right ingredients always produce the best quality, yield, and nutrients. Fresh orange juice is a great thirst quencher but it can be expensive if bought in restaurants.

Juicing at home gives the full benefits of drinking orange juice made at home. With plenty and affordable juicers in the market, there is no reason not to start juicing your own orange juice.

Different types of oranges produce different tastes which can be sweet or sour.

I have provided the available and best oranges for juicing quality juice throughout the seasons.

Valencia Oranges

These oranges are named after Valencia city in Spain. The great news is Valencia oranges are available throughout the year, April to December.

The taste is sweet and the yield is amazing that why commercial juice processors use these oranges.

Best Oranges For Juicing

Valencia oranges contain few seeds which make the prep easier and allow maximum juice extract.

In terms of nutrients, they are rich in fiber and Potassium. These minerals help fight cancers and are beneficial for heart functioning.

It can also be used for cooking apart from juicing and enjoy the flavor in various foods.

Navel Oranges

These oranges are a great choice for juicing among many juicers because they don’t have seeds. A very popular variety in the market which is very easy to peel and readily available.

With their large size and seedless nature, they make the best orange choice for juicing producing high yields.

Best Oranges For Juicing

Navel oranges contain Limonene which makes the oranges to turn bitter after some time. This means you have to drink the juice immediately after juicing.

It is a great choice of juicing that requires less preparation due to lack of seeds and they are easy to peel.

Blood Orange

The blood oranges are one the healthiest to juice as they contain high antioxidants.

Available from January to April that can cover the absence of the other oranges during this period.

Best Oranges For Juicing

Blood oranges as the name suggest having a dark red color like blood. They contain lower acid content than the other oranges.

You can choose from the three types of blood oranges which include, Sanguigno, Tarocco, and Moro.

It can be used for cooking various types of meals providing a sweet taste and flavor.


Best Oranges For Juicing

The Clementine orange is great for juicing, snacking and cooking. It is a hybrid created in Algeria from a crossbreed of normal orange and Mandarin.

Mostly grown in Morocco, South Africa, Israel, Spain, and Califonia.


Best Oranges For Juicing

A great option especially for aiding in weight loss. They contain Synephrine (low bitterness) and a robust flavor perfect for cooking and juicing.


The Satsuma oranges are grown in Califonia and Gulf coast and are available in a short period. They belong to the Mandarin oranges which are sweet and few seeds.

Best Oranges For Juicing

Satsuma is a great choice for juicing but the short period availability in the market is a limitation.

The oranges contain high fiber that is soluble to keep cholesterol levels low.

Their size is smaller which requires to buy more for maximum juice. All in all, the juice is great.


This type of orange is a crossbreed between Mandarin and Pomelo. The combination provides oranges with sweet and high yield.

Best Oranges For Juicing

There are 2 types of Tangelo oranges available that include, Honeybell, and Orlando.

These oranges contain a high content of Vitamin A which is a great boost for visual health. It also contains other minerals like Calcium, Potassium, and Magnesium.

Benefits Of Orange Juice

There are great benefits of orange juice, especially when made at home.

Save your money: Juicing at home saves some dollars coz the commercial juice is not cheap. Investing in a juicer ensures continuous juicing at home whenever you desire.

Quality: Bottled juice from shops is full of preservatives that kill the nutrients in the juice. For commercial purposes, its hard to juice pure juice that leads to additions of flavor or sugar.

Juicing at home ensures quality juice with the maximum nutrients and free from chemicals.

Fresh orange juice contains antioxidants, enzymes, vitamin C, A, Potassium, Magnesium etc.

These minerals and nutrients help healthy body functioning and nourishment.

Here is a highlight of the benefits of orange juice according to the USDA database.

1. Maintains the Blood Pressure Levels and lower cholesterol
2. Assists in Weight Loss
3. Promotes the Immune System

4. Reduces Risks of Heart Attacks
5. Contains Healing Properties
6. Prevents Cancer
7. Benefits for Treating & Preventing Ulcers
8. Prevents Kidney Stones
9. Treats Anaemia
10. Boost for skin

How to Juice Oranges

Oranges are one of the easiest fruits to juice due to their soft texture. Juicing oranges can be done through a manual and electrical juicers/blenders.

Manual Juicing

This can be done using citrus juicers which mostly are manual. It involves using rotating the lever to squeeze and extract the juice from the pulp.

Manual juicing for oranges is simple as it doesn’t require much energy. Also, manual juicers are cheaper in the market than juicers/blenders.

Juicer and Blender

This method is faster because the machine is electrically powered. Once you peel and remove the seeds if any, then insert them inside, you are good to juice.

Blenders or mixers produce whole juice containing pulp which can be nutritious. You can separate the pulp to have a pure juice.

To Peel and Include Seeds Or Not?

This question depends on the purpose of the juice prepared. Some types of oranges are bitter that can lead to a sour tasty juice.

Also, if you don’t need seeds in the juice, you can always choose seedless oranges or remove them manually before juicing.

Peels contain nutrients and its great to utilize the benefits fully. Mixing small amounts of peels with the juice can increase the nutrients level. Too much of peels can cause indigestion problems.

There is no harm in mixing the peels and seeds in the juice but removing them leads to sweeter juice.

Conclusion (Best Oranges For Juicing)

Now you know the best oranges for juicing its time to utilize and enjoy the benefits of orange juice.

Homemade juice is far great than commercial juices from restaurants.

You can try all the orange types and determine the most suitable for your juicing needs.

Valencia oranges are the best due to their juicy nature and availability in the market. I hope you start juicing oranges and lead a healthy lifestyle!