Best Iron Filter for Well Water

In this article, I review the Best Iron Filter for Well Water which uses different methods and technologies of iron removal. Also, there is a buyer’s guide to help you better understand iron removal for beginners.

Most of the well water contains certain amounts of iron which can change the taste of water. Iron is beneficial to the human body but in the right amounts, that means excessive iron can be harmful.

Iron from well water has a metallic taste and can cause clogging in water pipes, smells, stains in places of contact.

To get rid of iron in well water, you can simply use the best iron filter for Well Water. The devices are efficient and reliable to keep the whole house or kitchen faucet free from iron substances.

Finding the best iron filter for your house can be challenging that’s why I did in-depth research on the best filter on the market for you.

Before diving into the Best Iron Filter for Well Water, it’s great to understand some knowledge about iron in water and the factors to consider. If you want a more thorough guide, check out our improved version of this same article comparing the best iron filters for your water.

Best Iron Filter for Well Water Comparison

Iron FilterStyleReducing IronPrice
iSpring WGB32BM 3-StageWhole House SystemMAX 3.0 ppm down to 0.01 ppm Check Price On Amazon
Durawater Air Injection Iron Eater FilterAir Injectionup to 12 ppm Check Price On Amazon
Home Master Water Filtration SystemWhole House Filter Systemup to 95%, 3 PPM combined load Check Price On Amazon
Express Water Heavy Metal FilterWhole House Filter Systemup to 98% Check Price On Amazon
iSpring RCC7AK 6-StageUnder Sink Reverse Osmosis up to 98% Check Price On Amazon
Iron Pro 2 Combination Fleck 5600SXTsoftener iron filterup to 6-8 ppm Check Price On Amazon
Whirlpool WHES30E Grain SoftenerGrain Softenerup to 8ppm Check Price On Amazon

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Iron in Water

Water problems like hardness are the most encountered issues followed by iron concentration in well water.  Iron is a mineral present in rocks, soil, sediments, and groundwater.

Iron can seep into well water from rocks around, ores and other iron reactions underground.

Different types of iron require different methods of treatment.

Types of Iron in Well Water

The most important type of iron to understand before buying iron filters are the Ferrous and Ferric Iron.

Ferrous Iron

This type of iron can be seen by eyes because it’s clear. Water comes out of the faucet clear and without tasting its hard to detect iron presence.

This iron turns dark when exposed to the air as it reacts with oxygen to form a brown color.

Ferric Iron

This is the rusty water that comes out of the tap or from the well already discolored. It causes clogging of pipes and damage to water fixtures.

Organic Iron

Shallow wells and the ones exposed to surface water mostly contain this type of iron. It is formed from contact to naturally occurring acids or organic matter.

The removal of organic iron is harder than ferrous or ferric irons. The best option to remove organic iron is to use chemical oxidation and a mechanical filter.

Bacterial Iron

As the name suggests, bacteria organisms alter the iron to form sticky substances causing clogging and corrosion problems. Manganese presence increases the risk of well water getting contaminated with iron bacteria.

How to Remove Iron from Well Water

To efficiently remove iron from well water, it’s advisable to taste your water for the type of iron present. You can tell the presence of iron by the red/brown slimes on faucets, softners or tanks.

Types of Iron Removal Systems

Iron Filter

Used where the ferrous iron levels range from 7 to 15 mg/L. It can either use oxidizing media or pump ozone, air into the water to get rid of the ferrous iron.

Also, if this method is used the pH levels should be between 7 to 8.5 for better functionality.

Note: You should not use an iron filter when there is organic iron in the water because the iron filters cannot treat the bacteria in the water.

Water Softener

If the amounts of iron levels are low (3 to 5 mg/L), a water softener can be used to remove iron. Mostly water softeners are used to remove water hardness but in this case, it can help remove iron.

Note: water softener is not an efficient iron remover in well water. Also if the water contains different compounds of iron apart from ferrous, water softener shouldn’t be used.

Oxidizing Agent + Filter

This method is used in well water with high amounts of ferrous, over 10 mg/L. It makes use of oxidizing agents like Hydrogen and Chlorine to the water to destroy the iron compounds.

Air Injector + Filter

Iron is oxidized by injecting air and using a filter to strain the compounds out. It can remove up to 30 mg/L of ferrous.

Types Of Media In Iron Filters

Filter media are important for different iron removal depending on the iron levels and water pH.

Birm Filters

These filters remove iron and manganese compounds in groundwater. They act as a catalyst to create reactions between iron and oxygen.

The filter may require to be pre-oxidized when the oxygen levels in the water are low.

Birm filter is ideal in water with a pH level of 7 to 9, Iron levels of 15 mg/L. It doesn’t work where the water contains Chlorine.

Manganese Oxide Filters

You can use the Manganese filter to remove iron, Manganese and Hydrogen Sulfide in water with pH levels between 7 and 8. It works as a catalyst to facilitate oxidation which removes iron from the well water.

It also requires certain amounts of dissolved oxygen in the water for optimum results.

Greensand Filters

It is the most used and reliable chemical oxidant in iron filters with a high removal capability. Greensand filters can work even in high water flow rates and use moderate backwash.

The requirements for greensand filter are water pH of between 6.8 to 8.8, Iron levels of up to 15 ppm and the water should be free of Tannins.

Synthetic greensand can be used as an alternative which is lighter and requires less backwash.

Features of the best iron filters for well water

  • Minimum maintenance
  • Self-cleaning ability (backwash system)
  • No chemical additives
  • Handle whole house filtration
  • Multipurpose

Best Iron Filters For Well Water Reviews

1. iSpring WGB32BM 3-Stage Whole House Water Filtration System

This is the overall best iron filter for well water for the whole house to get rid of all the iron, Manganese Chlorine, rust, industrial solvents and more.

It uses 3 mechanisms to filter various minerals in the water increasing the efficiency of filtering a wide variety of substances in well water.

The iron is filtered by a dedicated iron manganese filter (FM25B) which is specifically designed for iron and Manganese. It reduces iron from a maximum of 3.0 ppm down to 0.01 ppm.

Manganese can be reduced from 1.0 ppm down to 0.01 ppm. The other methods of filtration include polypropylene sediment filter that can reduce minerals down to 5 microns.

The second stage Carbon Block filter also has a high rate of getting rid of the unwanted minerals in well water.

iSpring WGB32BM can filter up to 100000 gallons of water which is enough for the whole house providing pure water all around the years.

Best Iron Filters For Well Water

Check Price On Amazon


  • Peak Flow Rate: 15 GPM
  • Minimum Working Pressure: 25 psi
  • Operating Temperature: 40-100 ºF
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 80 psi
  • pH Range: 6 – 11
  • 100,000-gallon capacity
  • Easy DIY Installation
  • 1-inch NPT inlet/outlet
  • 1 year limited warranty

Note: It recommended to use a water softener to reduce the level of water hardness if the water has high levels of hardness.

2. Durawater Air Injection Iron Eater Filter

If you prefer the air injection method for iron removal, this is the best iron filter to buy. This method works by creating a pocket of air to oxidize the water for optimal filtration.

This is an effective method and cost-friendly for the removal of iron and sulfur from well water.

It has the Fleck 5600SXT digital control valve which automatically backwashes the system every time to clean the tank.

Durawater air injection iron eater filter can remove iron up to 12 ppm, sulfur up to 10 ppm and manganese up to 2 ppm.

Installation of the iron eater is easy as it comes already pre-loaded with the fiberglass tank. If you need more support for installation, they have very useful and easy to follow youtube videos.

Best Iron Filters For Well Water

Check Price On Amazon


  • Fleck 5600SXT digital control valve
  • System dimensions 12x15x62″
  • 1″ plastic bypass
  • 10×54″ mineral tank
  • 1.0 cubic ft centaur carbon great for well water with iron
  • Ships Pre-Loaded

3. Home Master Whole House Three Stage Water Filtration System

Another great choice for whole-house water filtration that uses 3 stage filtering.

The first stage uses a multi gradient depth sediment filter equipped with 4 layers of 25,10, 5 and 1 microns.

The second stage has a radial flow iron reduction filter that can reduce iron from well water up to 3 ppm.

A third stage, it uses a radial flow granular activated coconut shell carbon filter for removing chemicals.

This filter can provide a high flow rate of up to 15 gallons per minute. The coconut shell carbon filter can filter water up to 95000 gallons of water before requiring a replacement.

You can be assured of a reduction of up to 95% of sediments, chemicals and other unwanted substances in your water.

Check Price On Amazon

Note: It should be not used  for water with high acidity (pH <7.0) or more than 3 ppm iron level

Operating Conditions Required

  • Silica: <100 ppm
  • Manganese: <1 ppm (filter removes Manganese, but effective life of filter cartridge reduced)
  • Iron: < 3ppm
  • Iron Bacteria: None
  • Hydrogen Sulfide: None
  • Feedwater: PSI 20 to 90 PSI
  • Max. Total Dissolved Solids (TDS): 2000 ppm
  • Feedwater Temperature: 40˚ to 100˚(F)


  • Water pressure possible – up to 15-gallon per minute
  • Three-Stage Filtering
  • Massive filter housings with 1-inch ports
  • 4 layers of sediment filtration to maximize dirt holding capacity
  • Coconut shell carbon filter purifies up to 95,000 gallons
  • Multi-gradient density replaceable sediment filters
  • 2 year limited warranty

4. Express Water Heavy Metal Whole House Water Filter

The Express water heavy metal whole house water filter uses 3 stage filtering methods.

Filtration on the first stage involves using a sediment filter. This clears contaminants like rust, sand, and dirt which can damage the water fixtures in the house.

Secondly, Kinetic Degradation Fluxion filter (KDF) removes Iron, Chloramine, Lead, Sulfur, Viruses, Algae, Hydrogen Sulfide, Mercury, Chlorine and other contaminants.

All the heavy metal contaminants are captured and removed in this stage by absorption through the catalytic carbon and high purity ionically charge copper/Zinc granules.

The filter system can deliver clean water up to 0.25 gallons per second. Also, it is designed to work in dry areas free from freezing temperatures.

Best Iron Filters For Well Water

Check Price On Amazon


  • Works with pressure between 45-80 psi
  • Water temperatures between 40-100℉
  • Provide up to 100000 gallons before replacement
  • Full filter set, Sediment, Granular Activated Carbon, and Activated Carbon Block Filter
  • Supply up to 0.25 gallons per second
  • Freestanding frame to allow you to choose a mounted or unmounted installation
  • Standard 1” connections for easy adaptability and high flow
  • 1-year warranty and free lifetime support

5. iSpring RCC7AK 6-Stage

Reverse osmosis is capable of removing a high percentage of sediments in water and also minerals. The iSpring RCC7AK is a 6 stage under sink reverse osmosis water filter system which remineralizes the water.

The first stage removes heavy sediments like rust, dirt, odors, and iron. In the second stage, a granular filter activated with carbon is designed to remove additional sediments such as phenol, polyaromatic hydrocarbons, mineral oil, halogenated substances, etc.

In the third stage, the water is purified before undergoing reverse osmosis in the fourth stage. Fluoride and other contaminants are removed in the fourth stage.

A finer carbon filter is involved in the fifth stage to give the water the final filter before passing through the faucet.

The final stage uses an alkaline filter that adds the ionized minerals like sodium, calcium potassium, etc back to the water to increase the water pH levels.

The iSpring system can purify up to 75 gallons per day and provide clean well water.

Best Iron Filters For Well Water

Check Price On Amazon


  • Complete filter pack including Alkaline pH filter
  • Incoming Water Pressure: 45 PSI – 70 PSI
  • Operating water temperature range: 40 – 100 °F
  • Maximum TDS: 750 ppm
  • A multi-layered filter system that provides optimal protection against over 1,000 different types of contaminants.
  • 3 Pre-filters: PP sediment filter. Carbon KDF (GAC) filter. Carbon block (CTO) filter
  • Finest Micron, Layered Protection
  • 3.2-gallon pressurized tank (2.5-gallon holding capacity)
  • Reinforced Transparent 1st Stage Housing

6. Iron Pro 2 Combination water softener iron filter Fleck 5600SXT

Iron Pro 2 is a combination of water softener and iron filter to increase the efficiency of filtration. It is suitable for whole-house usage and still maintains a high water flow.

It has the 64000-grain capacity and fine mesh resin for high removal of iron in well water.

Not only the system can remove iron, but it also removes water hardness up to 75 gpg, iron up to 6 to 8 ppm, manganese up to 6 ppm. Other sediments are also removed to provide clean water in the household.

Check Price On Amazon


  • Fleck 5600SXT digital metered control
  • Almond resin tank
  • Round almond brine tank with safety float
  • AFWFilters Fine mesh resin for ferrous iron up to 6ppm
  • Bypass valve and 1″ male connections

7. Whirlpool WHES30E 30,000 Grain Softener

This is a well-known quality brand for household appliances and the grain softener is a system to depend on for iron removal.

It is capable of filtering water by removing ferrous iron up to 8 ppm. Also, the hardness in water, stains, build-ups in faucets are removed by the softener.

In addition to iron removal, the 30000 capacity grain water softener comes with extra technology to help you reduce water usage by calculating daily water use.

Installation can be done easily by following the step by step installation guide. All needed are connectors for the plumbing, 110V electrical outlet, tubing, and a drain.

Best Iron Filters For Well Water

Check Price On Amazon


  • 30,000 Grain Water Softener
  • Removes high levels of hardness and clear water iron up to 8 ppm
  • Demand Initiated Regeneration
  • Do-It-Yourself Installation Kit
  • 95 grains per gallon
  • Household Size: 1-4+
  • 1-year parts and labor

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Iron Filter For Well Water


The capacity and right the size of the filter is an important factor to consider. The filtration system depends on the size of the house or the points of use in the house.

A larger family may require a higher capacity iron filter to be able to work effectively.

Water Flow

It’s great to know the GPM you use in the house to determine the iron filter to buy. The iron filter needs to release the same amount of water flow used in the house.

The most common water fixtures in the kitchen use the following GPMs;

Kitchen faucet – 1.8 to 3 GPM

Dishwasher – 1.5 to 3 GPM


An iron filter with easy installation would be great for people who prefer to install themselves. Installing the fixture by yourself can save costs on hiring a professional.

Check a product with detailed guides and instructions on how to install.

Filter Replacements

Ensure to pick a filter that is durable and doesn’t require regular replacements. If there is a need to change the filter, choosing a filter that is readily available in the market is ideal.

Also, the process of a replacement should be easy for individual installation without professional needs.

Water Softener

A water softener is an added advantage if provided together with the iron filter by the manufacturer.

Benefits Of Iron Filtration

  • Help eliminate the damage in water systems in the house
  • Remove rust and sulfur compounds
  • Pure water without metallic taste
  • Removal of sediments


I would recommend testing iron water through a professional for better results. With clear know-how of the type of iron present, choosing the best iron filter for well water becomes easy.

The iron filters in this guide consider different capacities, types of iron, water flow, and functionality.

Its time to get rid of iron and avoid costs from damaged water fixtures in the house by using one of the best iron filters for well water.

If you find this guide useful, kindly share it with others. Thank you.

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