Best Home Espresso Machines

Many people have a different preference of how they like their coffee but it doesn’t matter whether straight espresso or maybe turning it into a cappuccino, latte with some fancy milk. You’ll need the best home espresso machine to give you all that you want your coffee to be. For guys who like to visit the coffee shop frequently, this is a wake-up call to purchase an espresso machine. it’s a great way of saving money too.

Coffee is the buster for coffee lovers or addicts which narrows their preference to aroma, texture, and taste. Having this machine gives you the convenience to make coffee in your kitchen.

What types of espresso machines are there?

There are two kinds of espresso machines in this world: steam-driven and pump-driven. Steam-driven machines come in two types: stovetops espresso makers like the Bialetti Moka Express and pump-less electric machines.

  • Manual Lever Pump: It works manually as you pump the espresso out by hand with no help from electricity.
  • Electronic Pump: With this kind of machine, you set the right temperature and electricity pumps the espresso out for you.
  • Semi-Automatic Pump: In this type, you’ll grind the beans and tamp them into the filter before turning on the machine. Then, you pump the button to turn it on until the water turns black, at which point you turn it off.
  • Automatic Pump: This machine also makes you grind the beans and tamp them into the port filter. The machine will automatically turn on to brew the espresso and go off again when it’s done.
  • Super Automatic Pump: Finally, a super-automatic machine takes everything out of your hands. It grinds the beans, tamps the grounds into the filter, boils the water, pushes it with lots of pressure, and takes care of the waste for you. It’s very easy, but it’ll cost you a pretty penny.

All of the machines in this buying guide are either semi-automatic or pod machines. We have researched over 30 espresso machines and reviewed each one of them depending on their features, prices, and usage.

It’s not easy to use these machines especially for the first time as it takes practice and a lot of patience to make a good outcome. The best home espresso machine is not a must-have appliance in the kitchen as its more of a luxury appliance.

You can do without it but addicted coffee lovers must have the best home espresso machine.

List of the best home espresso machine 

  1. Breville BES870BSXL Barista Express.
  2. Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista
  3. Breville BES920XL Dual Boiler
  4. Gaggia 14101 Classic
  5. Jura Giga 5 Automatic Coffee Machine
  6. Delonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super-Automatic Espresso/Coffee Machine
  7. Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker
  8. Gaggia Brera

Key Factors and Features for the Best Home Espresso Machine

You should make the right choices when you are getting an espresso machine. And, you can use the following factors to make the selection easier.


You should take a look at the water-storage capacity of the machine. It is because you may not always have time to refill water before every espresso shot. Keeping that in mind, it is necessary to choose the right amount of storage options. We recommend going for something more than 50oz if you are getting the machine for multiple users.


You are going to place the espresso machine on your countertop — or in your bedroom if you are using that so often. So, you should have a look at the overall design and portability of the machine. It’s only then you’ll have the best espresso-making experience ahead. By design, we mean not only the size of the machine but also the style and finish.


As said earlier, you can have different types of espresso machines from the market. The first selection must be between semi-automatic and super-automatic. To do that, you should consider the flexibility you need while making espresso and the time you can dedicate to it. Next, you should choose the machine depending on the input method. As said, some machines need you to use coffee pods and capsules while others depend on ground coffee. According to the availability of the desired flavor, you can make the selection. Also, it is recommended to check the heating method and performance before checking out the product.


Programming can be an additional feature for many people, especially for advanced baristas. However, if you like to have a customized espresso drink or to schedule the drink-making every day, you should confirm these features. For instance, you should see if the espresso machine has an inbuilt timer for turning on and turning off. Also, we recommend additional options such as integrated descaling options and temperature control. It needs to be noted that advanced controls are mostly seen in semi-automatic or manual espresso machines only.

Apart from all these, you can consider additional features too. For example, we always love an in-built coffee grinder, which gives us a fresh espresso. Also, it’s good to have cup warmers and removable parts.

1. Breville BES870BSXL Barista Express.

best home espresso machineThis is the number one recommendation because it’s the real deal and total package categorized as a semi-automatic home espresso machine. This is the best value for your home needs for coffee or a small restaurant. Even if the price tag is a bit higher, as far as home espresso machines the BES870BSXL has superior built and premium features which everyone buying it likes.

The semi-automatic BES870BSXLis designed with its own internal fine-burr coffee grinder, saving you from the trouble of transferring grounds from one place to another, while ensuring that you never overfill cask to the brim. This also gives you the ultimate fresh espresso, due to the on-demand option to only grind the exact amount of beans you need for any size espresso, one cup at a time.

Other notable added features include an intuitive, clean interface that gives you precise control over the shot volumes, filter size, and extraction pressure, as well as a 360-degree steaming wand and its very own internal water filter.

The Breville BES870BSXL guarantees you the best cup of coffee you’ll ever make from a machine under $ 700, thanks in large part to its combination of mid-tier pricing and top-tier features.

2. Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista

best home espresso machineIf you are looking for a super-automatic espresso machine with a one-touch experience then you need to choose Mr. coffee cafe Barista. This is a well-known brand among the listed espresso machines here. They keep improving the machines to give coffee lovers the best experience they can have with an espresso machine under $ 200.

The Mr.Coffee Cafe Barista is all about super fast and efficient as almost all the processes are automated. What you have to do is to choose what you want the machine to do. Any user from a beginner and experienced coffee espresso machine users can operate this simple machine and give you a good cup of coffee.

The price of this espresso machine makes it worth buying which gives you a good cup of coffee. It is suitable for customers within a budget and still maximizes the potential of the quality of this espresso machine.


  • Automatic milk steamer,
  • one-touch control panel,
  • separate milk reservoir

3. Breville BES920XL Dual Boiler

best home espresso machineThis is a gold standard home espresso machine as the price suggests it gives you quality and the best cup of coffee. It has a dual feature which is the dual boiler which heats the water and the espresso independently of one another simultaneously. This machine can pump out the perfect espresso and fluffy milk at the same time and have your cappuccino poured out in just a few minutes.

The other distinguishing feature is the dual -shot spout capable of producing 4 shots of espresso at a time, as well as a PID display that tracks temperature and pressure in real-time. Using the BES920XL you do not doubt producing the best coffee that you would see in major roasters. The price of acquiring it is high but if money isn’t a problem for you to spend, then this is the professional espresso machine you need to have.


  • OPV pressure-limiting valves
  • PID temperature control
  • stainless steel dual-boilers

4. Gaggia 14101 Classic

best home espresso machineThe 14101 has been the company’s best selling model espresso machine for over 24 years now. The machine only focuses on the functionality of the coffee maker, not the appealing design as some espresso machine has. Looking at the machine it hasn’t changed a bit since its introduction to the market, why is this? Its only one reason, it’s so good.

The Gaggia 14101 has an ultra-simple operation and compact footprint and focus on the 17 bars of pressure the 14101 puts out. The machine is durable and can be reliable for your daily espresso-making in your home. The price is right for this type of machine and its features.


  • 17-bar electric pump
  • 72-ounce reservoir
  • Brass port-filters

5. Jura Giga 5 Automatic Coffee Machine

best home espresso machineIf you don’t mind spending a lot of money then you should try Jura Giga 5 automatic coffee machine. You can use it for other special coffees and it’s an expensive super-automatic espresso machine that can produce up to 17 specialty coffees. This makes the machine worth the money.

The TFT- display control panel enables you to make a selection on the type of coffee you want and it would be ready in seconds. Jura Giga 5 automatic steals the show when it comes to performance with it 2 professional ceramic disc grinders which are which make no sound at all while grinding. Grinding coffee beans gives you freshness in the coffee.

The design of this machine is appealing to have in the kitchen and has 2 heating systems and grinders inside the machine. It comes with an integrated descaling and cleaning system which gets the job done by a single button press. Energy-saving switch and available options to adjust water hardness make this coffee machine up to expectations.

This is a multipurpose espresso machine that provides you with the best in class performance and rich in features.

6. Delonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super-Automatic Espresso/Coffee Machine

best home espresso machineThis super-automatic espresso machine offers advanced features and patented systems within a reasonable price. It gives a tasty cup of espresso the same as those from an expensive espresso machine with over $ 1000 price. This is the ideal choice for people looking for an affordable super-automatic espresso maker.

With the Delonghi machine, you can set up a few customized espresso drinks according to your preferences and all of them are just a button away to be ready. It has an intuitive controls panel that consists of rotary and the push-button enabling single or double shots. This machine has removable water storage and coffee bean storage options which makes cleaning or descaling easy.

The inbuilt cup tray and cup warmer, adjustable cup sizes, integrated Burr grinder give the best ground coffee instant reheat. The Delonghi has a capacity of 80oz which makes it suitable for huge consumption groups of people.

7. Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker

best home espresso machineThis machine is defined by its simplicity consistent taste with its affordable price in the current market. Nespresso Pixie espresso maker gets your coffee ready in few seconds with its powerful hardware inside. Also, the machines use a capsule instead of ground coffee.

Nespresso Pixie has advanced programming and LED lights which are one of the features to like this machine. The thermos heating element is very effective. You can easily pre-program the desired size of your cup without affecting the brewing time. If you are looking for a fully automated and compact espresso machine then this a budget-friendly espresso maker to buy.

8. Gaggia Brera

best home espresso machineThis is a compact super automatic bean to cup espresso machine which constantly pours quality and delicious coffee. It also comes at a budget price with great features to give your barista at all times. The design can easily sit on any countertop of the kitchen and convenient for storage.

This small espresso machine can produce 8-10 cups of coffee even more if you drink smaller amounts of coffee. You simply need to put coffee beans in an airtight container on the top of the machine. The Brera uses pre-infusion which soaks the coffee before extraction. The strength of brewing can be chosen by pressing the button below the power button.

The Gaggia Brera gives a consistent performance for brewing coffee with durable construction. The price is also budget-friendly.

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