Best Home Deep Fryers

You wanna start frying? Whether it is french fries, chicken wings, or onion fries, we’ve got your back with the best home deep fryers available in the market now.

Deep fryers are an easy way of making cooking fun and getting sumptuous meals for the whole family.

Due to the many different sizes, make, and models, it might be hard to get a product that meets all your needs.

But there is one differentiator that draws the thin line among the vast models available. The ability to make crispy food with little to no oil is what I’m talking about.

Unlike traditional deep fryers, the right appliance should not only be concerned about the taste but also your health.

That is why our review process involves going through the most reviewed and top-rated products in Amazon that have met this demand.

We also check the brands that have previously aced it in manufacturing fantastic cookware that is pocket friendly. Taking all these into considerations, these were our findings.

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1. Hamilton Beach Cool-Touch Deep Fryer

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Hamilton is an ideal deep fryer for two people. That makes it the right choice when you leave alone and just want a simple appliance.

Its big advantage is that you never have to cook a lot of food that will end up in the fridge for days.

Consequently, this feature makes it the best option if you are new to home cooking. You get to learn how to use deep fryers before you move to the big boys.

The exciting part is that the small appliance has a knack in cooking fast. You can fry several pieces of chicken in a jiffy and still set the table on time.

The secret lies in the 1500 W immersed heating element with a professional touch for fast cooking. Besides, the 2-litre capacity allows you to go several rounds and prepare up to 6 cups of french fries.

Afraid of accidental burning? Hamilton has kept you in mind. The cool touch sides will protect you in case you accidentally touch the sides when cooking.

Cleaning is similarly an effortless task. The lid, oil-coated tank, heating element are all removable. Cleaning is, therefore, effective as you can reach the hidden parts and make the whole thing “new” again.

The only downside is that Hamilton doesn’t come with a filtration system or timer. This is a blessing in disguise because you are learning after all. You need to be attentive when cooking to avoid burning your food.

2. Cuisinart CDF-200P1 Deep Fryer, 4 Quart, Stainless Steel

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Cuisinart is not new to cookware. It is a brand that has given it all in producing high-quality cookware that blends with the modern world.

The company first started by making food processors where they nailed it. Once they had built a reputation, they branched out to other cookware where they haven’t disappointed either.

This deep fryer meets all the requirements of a standard fryer. These include an 1800 W immersion heating that recovers temperature when you have added the food. Plus, the appliance is built to last with robust stainless construction.

If you have recently failed on your search for the easiest fryer to use, your search will come to an end with Cuisinart CDF. The cooking is a three-step process. You just put the food in the basket, place the basket into the fryer and close the lid.

The deep fryer will do the rest after putting it on. Not to forget that you can know when the oil is hot enough. The indicator turns from red to green to notify you.

3. T-Fal Stainless Steel Deep Fryer

Best Home Deep Fryers

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It’s big, handles used oil well, and has the most powerful performance. Let me introduce you to T-Fal stainless deep fryer which has it all.

The appliance can hold 3⅓ litres of oil which can deep fry 2.6 pounds of food in one go. With such a high amount of oil, don’t you think that handling used oil will be an uphill task?

Not, but let me explain.

Handling used oil is indeed a nightmare for many people who don’t have an idea.

The process is messy and can clog your plumbing if you pour the used oil into the kitchen sink. It is a different case with a T-Fal fryer because it does the work for you. The appliance has an integrated container at the bottom where the drains and stains go.

The good thing is that your food won’t come out oily which is hazardous to your health. You just have to lift the fryer to drain oil from the food.

4. Presto 05466 Stainless Steel Dual Basket Pro Fry Immersion Element Deep Fryer

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Will you be frying tonight and need a quick fix for your large family? Presto is the go-to guy. It has the capacity for cooking two different types of food for seven people in one go.

The catch is that it does not require a lot of cooking oil. Four cups of oil are enough to deep fry french fries on one side and fish on the other side. The lid preserves the oil which you can use again on the next dinner.

When cooking, you won’t have to wait for ages for the oil to be heated up. You know that a make a mistake here will lead to time wastage.  The 1800W immersion heat element helps you to avoid this. Once it heats up, it never goes down till you put it off.

Talking of design and physical layout, Presto has given its best. It fits firmly and securely on the countertop. The black shiny color also makes it blend with other cookware in the kitchen.

5. DeLonghi D14522DZ Dual Zone 4-Liter Deep Fryer

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When we are talking of a cost-effective deep fryer, we are not only talking about a cheap and affordable fryer.

We are also taking into consideration the ability of the fryer to conserve oil. This means that the oil should be in good condition for the longest time possible so that you can re-use it several times.

The main components that make oil dirty are bits of fallen food that is burnt in the oil. DeLonghi deep fryer wants to ensure that you save as much as you can by using less oil.

As a result, the manufacturer designed a cool zone under the heating element to prevent food debris from burning.

It has no timer but you can set the temperature at 300 or 370 degrees. The indicator will give you a signal when the fryer has reached your set temperature.

What’s exciting is that DeLonghi has a magnetic power cord that will tug the appliance for safety when it tumbles. In case you want to clean it after cooking, you will simply remove the basket, frying bowl, and dishwasher for effective cleaning.

6. Breville BDF500XL Smart Fryer

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This is a premium and mid-sized deep fryer with unique features to take your cooking prowess to a new level. It’s the only smart fryer with digitalized specifications to make frying commonly fried foods easier and faster.

As a digitalized appliance, it’s no surprise that it’s very sleek and the best option for tech geeks. The LCD says it all.

You can set your time and temperature in one touch and the progress will be shown on the screen. The set the exterior design is something worth mentioning because you will love it.

Because it is a premium product, the price is similarly premium. Nevertheless, you will love the features it puts on the table.

The durability and craftsmanship are top-notch and shows what a professional deep fryer should look like. Although the stainless steel is not thick like other Breville products, it still does the job perfectly with careful handling.

We were surprised to note that the model powers up to 3000W. Typically, most deep fryers never go beyond 1800W. This is still safe and you can maintain the high temperature.

So if you want to walk in the steps of legendary chefs like Gordon Ramsay, go professional by using Breville smart fryer. You will become an icon in your kitchen.


That was a long read, wasn’t it? We hope you have not only enjoyed every bit of it but also got something new you didn’t know.

Now, what will remain true is that there are undoubtedly numerous and best home deep fryers in the market today. It’s a good thing that what we have reviewed are among them and even a little bit better.

That is why they are worth purchasing. Take your time to analyze our recommended products and find out if you are compatible with them.

Some of the features you might take into account in your search are the size, adjustable temperature settings, oil filters, and the ease of cleaning.

To sum it up all, it all gets down to this. Our overall pick is Hamilton deep fryer, our best budget fryer is Presto Fryaddy while our top pick for oil handling is T-Fal deep fryer.

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