Best Gas Grills Under 500- The Top 6 Pick Just For You

A gas grill is undoubtedly the next thing to a man’s heart, after an expensive watch and car (of course). Its easier to find some of the best grills under 500 full of features and quality assurance.

With a gas grill, regular barbeque sessions turn into a party and a celebration to remember.

One of the many reasons people love machines is because they are less messy than traditional charcoal grills. Moreover, they cook very fast and are easy to use.

However, all these goodies come with a hefty price tag. You will have to do thesis-like research to get a product that resonates around a small budget.

I know that this review is something you will cherish. It’s not only because I researched the best products but also ones below the $500 mark.

So I’m ready to show my findings when you are ready.

These are the best gas grills under 500 for outdoors grilling, but if you want to grill inside, you might want to check out these smokeless indoor grills!

6 Best Gas Grills Under 500

1. Weber 45010001 Spirit II E-310 3-Burner Liquid Propane Grill

Weber is a goliath when it comes to making gas grills that turns a normal afternoon grilling to a barbeque party.

The American company was responsible for the post-world war II grilling trends that we still see today in some of our neighborhoods.

And it’s not a massive name for no good reason.

The model has three burners, each having 10,000 BTUs. This is enough to grill different types of food quickly while not requiring a high amount of fuel.

The temperature ensures that your food is not half-cooked. With your top-notch grilling technique, it’s not a doubt that the chicken will be finger-licking good.

Also, this hints that the product might not be the right choice if you are a newbie because of the sophisticated features.

The Weber Spirit II E-310 hooks very fast to your home gas line. No need to worry that you will run out of gas in the middle of your barbeque party.

If we were to name all the features here, we would take a couple of hours to dissect through them. You can have a look at Amazon to get some of the unique features we haven’t mentioned.

Best Gas Grills Under 500

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2. Char-Griller E3001 Grillin’ Pro 40,800-BTU Gas Grill

This is probably the least expensive gas grill on our list today. However, don’t let the price lie to you that it is a half-baked grill.

The machine has one of the largest cooking Squarespace, at 438 inches and 40,800 BTU. It’s a 3-burner gas grill and porcelain-coated with several unique features that you will appreciate.

Indeed, for a low-priced product, there are some things you will miss out on. For example, the material and durability are not that good when compared to other products in the market.

But it’s still good enough to take you a couple of years. Some previous customers have used the older version for ten years. All it requires is careful handling and occasional maintenance sessions.

To operate the burners, you press the igniter, which still keeps up with the performance. The burners can hit up to 600 degrees, which is hot enough for a good sear. Moreover, it has a side burner on the left for more cooking space.

The grill uses propane gas that heats up very fast. You just need to put on the ignition system and let the grill do its barbeque magic.

Best Gas Grills Under 500

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3. Blackstone 36″ Propane Gas Griddle Cooking Station

This unit has a new unique look. It has four large side shelves to increase the surface area of your cooking.

The grill has a thermal unit of 60,000 BTUs ( Four burners each with 15,000 BTUs). All are controlled for versatile cooking options.

After purchasing it, it won’t take you more than 30 minutes to assemble. Besides, the instructional guide will come in handy when you are stuck.

Similarly, using it will not be a battle like other gas grills. In most cases, the negative reviews you see in Amazon is not that a product is terrible, but because it is hard to operate.

However, the bottom line remains that operating a Blackstone gas grill is something you can’t compare to traditional grills.

It eliminates the hassle of charcoal and charcoal in a great deal. Thanks to the one-touch ignition system.

The product is made with stainless steel, which lasts longer and does not easily give in to rust. Also, the four caster wheel makes it movable. You don’t have to flex your muscles to change the positioning.

Above all, the unit would be an ideal option for camping or backyard cooking. All thanks go to the detachable griddle top and foldable legs.

Best Gas Grills Under 500

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4. Char-Broil 463377319 Performance 4-Burner Cart Style Liquid Propane Gas Grill

You will not only be surprised by the incredible features of the Char-Broil gas grill. Be ready to get an excellent machine for a throw-away price.

Not a rock-bottom price but an affordable cost for anyone in need of a standard product.

It is the right product for you if you are looking for a simple grill with a budget within your range.

Unlike Weber. E-310 burner above, Char-Broil has four stainless steel burners. This is more than enough space for your grilling.

All these amounts up to 36,000 BTUs. Moreover, it has an additional 10,000 BTU side burner for more cooking surface.

You can be assured that the temperature will be distributed evenly to all five burners. Thanks to the stainless steel that does the even distribution of heat. The stainless steel shelves also do an excellent job with the elements.

What makes it better is the powerful ignition system that offers fast cooking at the press of a button. An advantage of the machine is that it uses a lid-mounted temperature gauge.

As a result, it’s easy to control the temperature when cooking. The only downside is that you will find it hard to assemble due to the many parts. But if it’s not your first time to use a grill, you will manuever successfully.Best Gas Grills Under 500

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5. Cuisinart CGG-059 Propane, Grillster 8,000 BTU Portable Gas Grill

From the look of things, this gas grill is entirely made for transport. Why? It’s small and compact, measuring 19 by 11 by 10 inches.

As a result, it can easily fit at the back of your SUV. This makes it the best option for outdoor grilling or weekend parties at your friend’s.

Besides, it only weighs ten pounds and comes with carrying handles. Moving it from one position to another is very easy and fast. It also fits patios and balconies perfectly.

However, there are significant differences you will notice with the gas grill. First of all, the cooking space is just about 146 square inches, with only one burner. The burner can only produce up to 8000 BTU.

As you have noticed, this is pretty low when compared to its competitors. The advantage you get in return is that it will cost you about $100 to get the machine.

So ask yourself, does the affordable price added to convenience affect the quantity of your cooking?

If it doesn’t, then you can give it a shot. If not, consider checking out some of the other products we have reviewed.

Best Gas Grills Under 500

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6. Royal Gourmet GB8000 8-Burner Liquid Propane Event Gas Grill

The last product on our list is probably the largest gas grill you will ever come across. If you are having a weekend grill for your small family, then this item may overwhelm you.

It’s only perfect for commercial use, church, school, company retreat, and restaurants.

You don’t joke with eight burners with 13,000 BTUs each. That’s a total of 104,000 BTUs. It has whopping 950 square inches of cooking space.

You can grill over 60 buggers with 120 hotdogs at a go. To help you meet these vast numbers, it has quarter-inch porcelain wire cooking grates.

Moreover, the huge machine has two folding slide tables that will give you the space to put condiments and sauces. The two-level shelves at the bottom provide more space for tools, propane tanks, and your grilling supplies.

The ignition system does an excellent job of bringing the machine to life by one push. Moreover, the huge caster wheels make it easy to move around your patio.Best Gas Grills Under 500

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We will agree that searching for the best gas grills under 500 is a challenging task. You don’t only rely on top-layer features like the cooking area, the available space, and BTU.

Indeed, these are perfect differentiators to check for, but most machines have good ratings here. After all, they don’t matter a lot and you can make a few changes here and there to get what you need.

So what do you do? The answer is digging a little bit deeper.

I mean checking for unique features like the availability of side burners, cooking grates, natural or propane gas, and the presence of a hood.

Not everyone has the same taste, and not everyone will be concerned with the above. The bottom line is that you should choose a product that meets all your needs. Check out some of our recommendations and see how it turns out.

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