Best Chamber Vacuum Sealer

No matter what you use to preserve food, foil, butchers paper or zip-lock bag there is room for wastage to occur. The feeling you get after finding that precious food you had saved to eat after work has gone bad, disgusting right? Sometimes the food gets burnt from the freezer and becomes not safe for consumption. Your food won’t go bad when using the best chamber vacuum sealer.

Food preserved with plain plastic wrap cant last that long but vacuum packaging takes care of this problem as keeps the air away from the food thus reducing the spoilage chances.

This technique is used to package foods to last long especially that in-store with long expiry dates.

Vacuum sealers are great for freezing meats and other foods since the vacuum sealing keeps the food from burns from the freezer.

All you need is the best chamber vacuum sealer to preserve your food for longer periods and have a healthy and fresh meal in your home at any time.

This handy equipment will help seal the food by vacuuming the air out of the plastic wrap. Its no doubt vacuum sealers are more used now in people’s homes compared to previous times and that’s why you shouldn’t be left behind.

Here are our top ten best chamber vacuum sealer

  1.  Geryon Compact Automatic Vacuum Sealer 
  2.  Seal-a-Meal Manual Vacuum Sealer 
  3. Nesco Vs-02 Food Vacuum Sealing System with Bag Starter Kit 
  4.  Crenova VS100 Vacuum Sealing System with Starter Kit 
  5.  FoodSaver FM5200-000 Vacuum Sealer Plus Starter Kit
  6.  Polyscience 300 series Chamber Vacuum Sealer
  7.  VacMaster VP215 Chamber Vacuum Sealer.
  8.  VacMaster VP112S Chamber Vacuum Sealer
  9.  Weston 65-0501 – W Professional Advantage Vacuum Sealer
  10.  Foodsaver 2-in–1 Sealing System with Starter kit, 4800 Series, v4840

1. Geryon Compact Automatic Vacuum Sealer

From the name itself, this is the best compact vacuum sealer to buy. This compact vacuum sealer is different from the other heavyweights in the market due to some of the features like the bells and whistles but it does have the one thing you buy it for – it vacuums and seals bags for freezing, food storage, and sous cooking.

Geryon compact can use any brand of vacuum-sealer bag rolls up to 12 inches wide, or with a pre-made quart or gallon-sized bags. To seal bags it’s very easy, you just place the end into the machine and press down to lock it in place, then press the vacuum button.

A sealing indicator shows the progress, or you can stop the vacuuming at any point to seal the bag before it is fully vacuumed, which is great for delicate foods. You can also operate the sealing function without vacuuming first, which is great for making bags.

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2. Seal-a-Meal Manual Vacuum Sealer

This sealer can accommodate the standard-sized bags made by FoodSave and other companies, including 8-inch rolls, 11-inch rolls, and gallon-sized pre-made bags. This vacuum sealer stands out with a compact design, a removable drip tray for easy cleaning and an indicator lights to show the sealing progress.

It is an easy to operate vacuum sealer offering hands-free operation as the indicator light shows when the process is done.

This is a cheaper machine that can get the work done without having to spend a lot of money on a complicated vacuum sealer. If your sealing is basic, then this is the vacuum sealer for you.

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3. Nesco Vs-02 Food Vacuum Sealing System with Bag Starter Kit

The best budget you can ever find for your vacuum sealing processing needs. The Nesco VS-02 vacuum sealer has many of the features of more expensive vacuum sealers but at a cheaper bargain. It has integrated storage for rolls of bag material as well as an integrated cutter for making custom-sized bags.

This machine can extend the sealing time, especially when sealing potentially wet foods or for tighter sealing which requires more time to seal them, unlike dry foods. It has one-touch vacuuming with auto shut-off and sealing for standard foods, and a seal-only button so you can stop the process to seal delicate or crush-able foods.

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4. Crenova VS100 Vacuum Sealing System with Starter Kit

This is one of the best selling chamber vacuum sealers on Amazon with excellent functionality and durability. It is build to seal foods to keep foods fresh for a longer period. It works in only a few seconds and is easy and quiet to use. A few of its great features include

best chamber vacuum sealer

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Comes with these features;

  • a stainless steel case,
  • LED indicator lights
  • A flexible manual pulse function.
  • The sealer comes with 10 bags to get you started.
  • 5 Large Heat Seal Bags
  • 5 Medium Heat Seal Bags

The majority of customers have been satisfied with the overall performance and ease-of-use of this sealer especially the pulse button is amazing which allows you to control the air that is removed.

Some people have issues with parts breaking or the seal not being tight enough, but most people were happy with their product and would recommend it to others.

This device is backed by a 3-year warranty, and Crenova provides all the customer assistance you will need.

5. FoodSaver FM5200-000 Vacuum Sealer Plus Starter Kit

This latest model has two different areas for sealing enabling to seal both cuts at the same time for faster processing. The vacuum sealer machine also has an integrated attachment for vacuum-sealing special canisters, special vacuum zipper bags, or for using the optional accessories that seal wine bottles or canning jars.

It also includes buttons for wet or dry foods, canisters, quick marinating, accessories, pulsing, and instant sealing, so you’ll always use the right amount of vacuum suction. There is an integrated attachment for using this with canisters and accessories, and a drip tray to catch any moisture that might get sucked out of the bag during vacuuming. This unit makes its seals closer to the cut edge of the bag material to reduce the wastage compared to previous FoodSaver models.

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This comes with a starter kit that includes:

  • 11-inch by a 10-foot roll of bag material
  • 3 quart-size bags,
  • 2 gallons-size bags,
  • 3 quart-size vacuum zipper bags,
  • 2 gallon-size vacuum zipper bags.

6. Polyscience 300 series Chamber Vacuum Sealer

This food packaging machine is the best when it comes to vacuum sealing dry foods and liquids, such as stews and soups.

It features a maintenance-free dry piston pump and has 3 preset cycles that can be programmed to provide the exact vacuum levels, vacuum seal times and hold times for fish, meats, and infusions.

Space-saving stainless steel housing ensures durability. It eliminates waste, reduces food cost, makes meal preparation much faster.

This is the product you should look for because of its features which sets it apart from the other vacuum sealers. The fact it doesn’t require maintenance is a great plus although it’s a bit expensive than its competitors.

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  • Well-built and no maintenance required


  • Large and heavier than other chamber vacuum required more space

7. Vac Master VP215 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

This Vac Master VP215 is a cube-shaped vacuum sealer with a larger chamber and more capacity, a double-seal technology for extra protection and an engine of a quarter horsepower of force to get any sealer job done.

This is built for commercial applications to handle larger quantities of food in only one session. it is probably more capacity than a family would be able to use regularly and it’s pricey more than the other sealers.

This machine is best for hotels and restaurants, culinary institutions, delicatessens, or hunters and fishers, home users who need to keep most of the foods fresh by sealing.

It can handle bags up to 10 X 13 inches. Designed to provide the utmost bang for its buck, a VP215 vacuum sealer can run continuously and doesn’t need any cool-down time in between bags because of its heavy-duty 1/4 hp oil pump. A perfect machine for

To be honest, this product is really expensive. But considering the durability, its effectiveness, and the versatility of this product, then it’s definitely worth purchasing this product. Has excellent reviews from different users and one of the best selling sealers.

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8. VacMaster VP112S Chamber Vacuum Sealer

This is the machine you have been looking for, the Vac Master Pro VP112S. It is the most unique chamber vacuum sealer on the market that allows you to seal liquids.

The machine has an intuitive control digital panel, you can customize different functions based on your packaging needs.

You can also adjust the time settings and vacuum strength with the sealing gauge. And along with a vacuum pressure gauge, you can monitor the pressure level of your sealer.

Programming the off button that you can use to stop your sealing process and restart it anytime you like. This unit is capable of running 24/7 without the worry that its pump might go out.

All this has been made possible by its efficient cooling system. Even more, making sous vide is incredibly easy. And the included external hose lets you use Vac Master’s canisters or those from other brands and still create a tight seal.

Another interesting thing about this unit is that it integrates an advanced chamber vacuum Technology to enable vacuum package food with high liquid content as well as liquids.

It also integrates sensor technology that automatically detects your sealing bags and starts the vacuum and sealing process immediately. The VacMaster Pro VP112S lid and chamber have been re-engineered to allow repetitive heavy-duty sealing.

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  • Its digital panel is easy to use
  • Ideal for soups, marinades, and stews
  • Comes with starter bags
  • Compact design hence perfect for both home and commercial use


  • High buying price

9. Weston 65-0501 – W Professional Advantage Vacuum Sealer

The Weston 65-0501-W is one of the best product releases on the market today suitable for professional and home use. It’s affordable with its exemplary performance whereby this machine helps keep your food fresh 5 times longer than the traditional food storage method.

This machine is durable and has great versatility. The vacuum sealer can seal a whole lot of products both food and non-food items be like fruits, vegetables, meat, passports, photographs, documents such as birth certificates and much more.

The control panel is user-friendly. From it, you can choose a vacuum speed and food setting of your choice. The manual seal function gives you full control of the sealing process meaning that you can stop or start your sealing as you like to prevent delicate food items from crushing.

The 65-0501-W Weston brand is engineered as a counter-top appliance with fully-automatic one-touch operation. You will also find more buttons on the digital panel such as the on/off, start, seal, pulse, marinate and accessory button together with indicator lights that keep you updated on your vacuum and sealing process.

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  • Powerful motor
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Affordable
  • Fully-automatic one-touch operation


  • Cannot seal if the bag is not well placed.

10. Foodsaver 2-in–1 Sealing System with Starter kit, 4800 Series

This 2 in 1 FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing System can zip and seal meat, vegetables, snacks and any goods that you have.

Food saver 4800 is an ultimate alternative vacuum sealer to other bulky and expensive sealers that will make your food to its finest!

This machine comes with two vacuum sealers in one which makes flexible to seal any products you need. It includes the handheld and standard vacuum sealing system that seals your bags very tightly and properly.

This product is easy to use with a simple layout and design that even beginners can use it immediately. For beginners, some vacuum sealers have a complicated interface and much worst, hard to use. This vacuum sealer does not work the same way as the other ones which makes it stand out. It comes with a smooth pull-out drip tray drawer that cannot get dirty easily and easy to clean it.

Automatic bag detection makes the sealing process easier as it seals upon identifying it on your vacuum. This product does not need your oversize bags to be cut or store separately as it comes with a bag cutter and roll storage that is convenient for utilization to various bag sizes.

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  • Preserves food five times longer
  • Marinates food instantly
  • Easy to use and install
  • Seals moist or dry goods
  • Needs less cleaning and maintenance
  • Seals Vacuum Jars effectively


  • The machine is intended for sealing only food for which most are not bulky.
  • This is a FoodSaver product that is why it is only exclusive to FoodSaver bags.

Why use vacuum sealers?

A vacuum sealer is one of the most important appliances for people willing to seal food for preservation extending the lifespan. They are heavily used in restaurants to preserve seasonal produce and foods. Many food products will quickly become stale as soon as they are exposed to air, this problem is taken care of with the help of the best chamber vacuum sealers.

All you will have to do is put your food in a plastic wrapping or ziplock bag and put the open end of the bag inside the sealer. Once you press the ‘seal’ button, the device will suck out all the air from the bag. It will stop automatically, as soon as it senses that there is no air it could draw anymore.

A vacuum sealer will help you save food as well as money by preventing wastage of food. You can buy seasonal produce and keep using it throughout the year without the worry of it going stale or rotting.

Top things to consider while buying a best chamber vacuum sealer

Before buying a vacuum sealer, you need to make sure the following features are considered adequately;

Powerful suction

A vacuum sealer should have a powerful suction or else you will be wasting money. Your vacuum sealer should be strong enough to suck out the last of air pockets in the packaging for the most effective results.


There are many vacuum sealers out there which are durable and come with a cheaper price. It for the best to ensure the machine doesn’t break down easily and customer reviews give you good and bad products.


You must consider the amount you are willing to spend on a vacuum sealer. Not all sealers are manufactured equally. The models that are designed for light home use are often available for a cheap price. However, more efficient models will come at a higher price. For a restaurant, you will certainly have to spend more money on getting a sealer that can work continuously.

Final Word

Depending on the product you want to buy, most definitely you will find it because there is a lot of quality and best chamber vacuum sealer on the market. If you have any problems, just go through our list and review them one by one. Our suggestion is to buy only the best models and recognized brands. They are better at providing customer support and have more solid warranties.