Best Air Fryer Oven

In recent years unhealthy eating habits have contributed to diseases like diabetes, obesity, blood pressure among others. These conditions can be reduced by cooking food more healthily. You probably hard of air fryers but since they are many of them, only the best air fryer oven would be great for you.

I am always on the lookout for the best kitchen appliances to make life in the kitchen easier, fun, and most importantly, healthier.

An air fryer oven allows you to fry your delicious fried food with less to no oil, unlike deep frying which uses a lot of greasy oil.

The last two years air fryers have become very popular just like the instant pots and this is the right time to buy one if you don’t have one yet.

Plenty of air fryer ovens in the market means the prices are competitive and you don’t have to wait for Black Friday, Cyber Monday to purchase an air fryer.

In this post, I will compare the best air fryer oven that is valuable, versatile, high quality, and reliable in the kitchen.

Keep in mind, multi-purpose appliances are the best to offer more versatility for different cooking functions. They don’t come cheap like the basic air fryers but their functions justify the price.

The best air fryer oven can at least bake, air fry, roast, dehydrate, grill, toast, and broiling various foods with less oil or none.

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Factors To Consider Before Buying the Best Air Fryer Oven


Capacity & Size

Different air fryer ovens come in different capacities and sizes to cater for all cooking needs. Air fryers come from small & compact sizes, medium, large and extra-large.

The size of your family and also available space on your kitchen countertop may influence the size and capacity of the air fryer oven.

If you want to cook a whole chicken and small turkeys, then a big air fryer oven is an ideal choice to purchase. The large air fryers give room to add accessories to cook different food at the same time and increase cooking efficiency.


The price will always be the deciding factor for the final air fryer oven. Cheaper air fryer ovens don’t necessarily mean they are substandard but some functionalities may be absent.

Air fryer ovens with higher prices from reputable brands come with multiple functionalities and convenience. However, there are air fryers for every budget in the market.

Interface & Settings

The interface of the air fryer can either be analog or digital. Different people have different preferences on the two types of interfaces.

An easy to control and set air fryer provides convenience and faster set up.  The settings to adjust the controls of the air fryer for the flawless cooking process you see on recipes.


To get the best value of the air fryer oven, multiple functionalities are a great choice. The list of best air fryer ovens in this article has more than one functionality.

The air fryer ovens are capable of air frying, roasting, broiling, dehydrating, baking, grilling, toasting, reheating, etc.

Instead of having a bunch of appliances for every function, the air fryer oven can take care of all the cooking functions easily and efficiently.


You can also consider the weight if you plan to move the air fryer oven often. Due to the combination of several functions in one appliance, they can be heavier than the normal basic air fryer.

Benefits Of Using The Best Air Fryer Oven

Healthier Cooking

Air fryer ovens provide an alternative way to enjoy fried foods without oil or with less oil, therefore, promoting healthy eating.

Deep-fried foods with lots of oil like using a deep fryer can result in high blood pressure, overweight among other problems to the body.

Space Saver

Most of the air fryer ovens are compact and don’t take up large space in the kitchen. Even the large models are good space savers because they combine several appliances in one.

Energy Efficient

Air fryer ovens don’t consume a lot of energy and wont heat up your house especially in summer. If you are saving on the electric bills, these appliances are energy efficient.

Faster cooking

Food is cooked faster and evenly since the air fryers use the convection process to circulate hot air around the food. Unlike traditional ovens, air fryers take a few minutes to preheat hence saving some time in cooking.


The functions of the labeled in the name of the air fryer showing the capability they possess. Most of the air fryer ovens in this guide can fry, roast, grill, warm, broil, bake, and toast.

The Best Air Fryer Oven Reviews

1. Ninja Air Fryer, (AF101)

This air fryer is In the top list because it’s designed for a medium family for 3 to 5 people with a 4-quart capacity. Most of the families lie within this size and the air fryer is versatile, budget-friendly, and a simple user interface.

The unit comes with great features which can be rare in a standard air fryer. It has 4 presets that help determines the cooking types and recipes. These settings include air fry, dehydrate, roast, and reheat with flexible timing and also temperature controls.

Ninja air fryer temperature ranges between 105 to 400 degree Fahrenheit that can crisp your food or dehydrate it completely.

Some parts of the fryer are dishwasher safe like the basket, crisper plate, multilayer rack, and pan.

Best Air Fryer Oven

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    • 4-quart ceramic-coated nonstick basket and crisper plate fit 2 pounds of French fries
    • 105 degree Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit temperature range
    • Preheat time, 3 minutes
    • 4 presets for air frying, roasting, dehydrating and reheating
    • Dishwasher safe parts
    • Nonstick, Ceramic-Coating
    • One-touch control panel
    • Wattage: 1500


The air fryers can perform multiple functions like the popular multicookers providing value for your investment.

The listed air fryer ovens can toast, air fry, grill and bake great with easy temperature and settings controls.

Also, air fryers are from reputable brands with quality and high-performance kitchen appliances. Get your air fryer oven and start cooking healthier than before.

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