Benefits Of Juicing Once A Day

The gospel of juicing has continued to covert more and more people to juicing daily or several days a week. If you haven’t started juicing at home yet then this article highlights the benefits of juicing once a day for better health.

Drinking juice is great but for maximum benefits, it’s better to juice fresh ingredients at home for natural juice. Store-bought juice has additives and preservatives to help the juice last longer and therefore it’s not that healthy.

With more research done by health, bodies show that drinking fresh juice every day provides many benefits to the body.

The main and common benefits of fruit and vegetable juices are to provide Vitamins, minerals, energy, antioxidants, improve cardiovascular/neurocognitive functions, reduce lipoprotein oxidation, help weight loss and more.

Its easier to juice many types of vegetables and fruits at once than cooking hence providing a large number of phytochemicals and minerals daily.

Continue reading for more benefits of juicing once a day. The following are proven benefits of juicing fresh juices from fruits and vegetables every day.

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1. Helps You Absorb More Vitamins & Nutrients

The health bodies recommend one to eat 6 to 8 servings of veggies and also fruits every day which is tricky for cooking but simpler when juicing.

Through this process of juicing, you can obtain more vitamins and nutrients that are required every day for a healthier body.

Absorbing the nutrients and vitamins in the juice is faster since it has been broken down unlike eating the ingredients.

It is estimated to take only about 15 minutes to absorb vitamins to the body from fresh juice.

2. Alkalizes the Body

The body needs the right pH levels that is between 7.35 and 7.45. Certain types of foods and drinks you intake can raise the acidic levels of the body. For instance, too much alcohol increases the acidity levels in the body.

Drinking fresh juices especially green juice helps to reduce the acidity by neutralizing it for a balanced pH.

Since we consume processed foods and alcohol on a daily basis, its also great to make sure to drink a glass of fresh juice every day to maintain the alkalinity.

3. Contains Minerals & Enzymes

Enzymes and minerals are very essential to body functioning. Intake of fresh juices every day ensures the body has the right amounts of minerals and enzymes.

For maximum enzymes and minerals, using a slow juicer helps preserve the enzymes due to their low oxidation while juicing, unlike centrifugal juicers.

Also, it’s great to drink the juice immediately before the enzymes get lost due to oxidation.

4. Provides All-Day Energy

Most people when tired reach out to energy drinks like the Red Bull which contains risky ingredients and sugar. Others will prefer coffee that contains caffeine.

The truth is, drinking fresh juice every day gives you plenty of energy for the day due to the rich nutrients and minerals in the juice.

Absorption of the nutrients and minerals takes less than 20 minutes thus it gives you almost instant energy.

5. Helps In lose of Weight

There have been many debates on whether fresh juices can help reduce weight. The verdict is yes, which can be achieved through various methods.

Some people may use juice fasting and other long term juicing of low calory fresh juices to reduce weight.

Juice fasting replaces the regular diet for some period to help lose weight faster.

Fresh juice from vegetables and fruits contain high fibers that keep the body full to prevent frequent cravings of snacks. A combination of green juices and gym will help you lose weight effectively.

6. Helps to Reduce Your Cravings

If you are trying to stop eating sugary candies and junk foods, then you can start drinking fresh juices.

The fresh juices consist of natural sugar that helps to eliminate the cravings of processed sugary foods.

Ensure to drink a glass of fresh juice whenever you feel the cravings and with time, you get used to natural sugars.

7. Healthy Immune System

Drinking fresh juice every day can boost your immune system due to nutrients and minerals in the juice.

Vitamin C helps to strengthen the immune system together with other vitamins d min like Zinc.

Fresh vegetable and fruit juices contain very useful nutrients and minerals for a strong immune system.

8. Heal and Detoxify

Fresh juices are very popular for detoxification due to their rich antioxidants and phytochemicals.

The body accumulates toxins from various substances through foods, water, and dirty air.

Too many toxins can damage the liver and this is why drinking fresh juices daily help to cleanse the body organs and increase the metabolism processes.

Vegetables like Garlic, Beets, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Collard Greens, Cabbage, Kale, Brussel sprouts, etc are great for detox and healing.

9. Improves Gut Health

Fresh juices contain digestive enzymes and probiotics that help the gut functions to run efficiently.

A healthy gut ensures the digestive system works without issues and therefore, the whole body benefits from the proper digestion process.

10. Reduce the Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

For people with a high risk of Alzheimer’s disease, drinking fresh juice every day can help delay the disease.

According to a research finding issued by the American Journal of Medicine, the antioxidants and polyphenols in green juices help to decrease the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

11. May Delay Aging

Green juices and fruit juices contain Antioxidants that protect the body from oxidative damages. This helps delay physical aging.

Vegetables and fruits have been associated with long-living due to fewer diseases like heart problems, cancer, and a good immune system.

Daily intake of fresh juice boosts the body with antioxidants that are great for delaying the aging process.


Since I bought my Vitamix blender, I’ve managed to drink different healthy juices and smoothies and the benefits now are visible after 3 months.

Whichever goal you have to start juicing whether weight loss, improving the immune system, nutrients intake, juicing is the ideal way to benefit widely.

The taste of green juices is not that appealing to many people but the benefits are fabulous.

There are many ways to consume nutrients of green fruits and vegetable like using organic superfoods.

Always remember, the most effective way is to juice using organic and fresh ingredients for maximum benefits. Also, a quality juicer or blender will be helpful for your juicing journey.

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