Bayou Classic KAB4 Vs KAB6

Thinking of making your own brew at home? Then the Bayou Classic KAB4 Vs KAB6 comparison has to come across. The two cookers are of high quality to produce the best and fast brew.

With many homebrew products to choose from, the Bayou manufactures outstanding equipment specific to the function. The right equipment means the perfect outcome which the Bayou Classic KAB4 Vs KAB6 qualifies.

These two products come from the same manufacturer with the capability to brew beer and other boiling purposes. Most of the features are similar but due to the specifications, there are some few differences.


A quality brewer boiler should possess a great heat distribution to ensure the boiling is top-notch. In this comparison article, we’ll compare the KAB4 Vs KAB6 for you to determine the best for your home brewing.

Comparison Table For Bayou Classic KAB4 Vs KAB6

PRODUCTBayou Classic KAB4Bayou Classic KAB6
BTU Output210000210000
MaterialCast IronCast Iron
Regulator30 PSI30 PSI
Capacity100 quarts162 quarts
Dimensions22 x 14 x 10 in22 x 22 x 12 in
windscreen protectionYesYes
Price Check Price On Amazon Check Price On Amazon

Bayou Classic Banjo Burner KAB4 Review

The KAB4 design resembles that of SS84 stainless steel brew stove. It comes with many upgraded and modified features enhancing the brewing experience. Quality, high pressure, and reliability define the Bayou classic KAB4 and perfect consistent results.

The BTU output of the Bayou KAB4 is up to 30 gallons batches which are mostly suitable for outdoor cooking or brewing. It is made of a strong construction of cast iron with a large width to support the weight.

Boiling of water or other liquids takes a short time and can be controlled with a 30PSI regulator. The regulator is attached at the hose which can be connected to any standard propane tank.

Banjo KAB4 is a time saver because of the large batches boiling capability. The burner is also well protected from the wind with a cast iron frame which covers the flames.

Bayou Classic KAB4 Vs KAB6

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  • 16-In large cooking surface
  • 12.5-In tall Welded Steel frame
  • 10-In cast iron burner
  • 360˚ windscreen protection
  • 48-In stainless braided hose
  • 30-Psi adjustable regulator
  • Designed for large pots up to 100-qt capacity, minimum of 14-in diameter
  • Cast-iron material construction.
  • High-pressure and temperatures.
  • 30 PSI regulator easily adjustable
  • Brews up to 30-gallon batches
  • Affordable
  • Quality wind protection frames.
  • Narrow supports legs
  • Sits low to the ground
  • Difficult to regulate low temp

Bayou Classic Banjo Burner KAB6 Review

Banjo KAB6 comes with a solid construction of cast iron which is considered a very powerful propane boiler. It uses a maximum power 10 inches cast iron burner.

The surface of the boiler is 22 inches enough to support 40 gallons and the stands are 13 inches. Just like the Bayou KAB4, the regulator is of 30 PSI with extra 4-foot hose compatible with standard propane tanks.

With this burner, you are always ensured of quality heat distribution and high burn efficiency. The burner can produce heat up to 210,000 BTU.

Bayou Classic KAB4 Vs KAB6

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  • 10-In cast iron burner, 164, 000 BTUs
  • 22-In cooking surface, 12. 5-In tall
  • ⅝-In Round bar Welded frame with hose guard
  • 360° windscreen protection
  • Heat resistant paint
  • Solid construction to last long
  • Great heat distribution
  • Contains heat resistant paint.
  • 30 PSI regulator easily adjustable
  • Affordable
  • A 22-inch large cooking surface that is capable of supporting up to 162-quart Stockpots
  • Portable and can be used for camping, RV’s, tailgating, & backyard parties
  • Great Safety features
  • The pan supports are too high above the flame.

KAB4 vs KAB6 Comparison


The durability of any product is determined by the material used for construction. It also influences the performance of the burner in general aspects.

Both the KAB4 and KAB6 are made with cast iron which is well known for its strong nature and durability. Cast iron can withstand high heat and temperatures which makes the perfect material for these brewers.


Price for these two brewers is different due to some difference in features and design. The Bayou KAB6 is more expensive than the KAB4  but with a small difference.


Another difference occurs in the size between the two. The size determines the amount that can be brewed. The KAB4 has a 16 inches cooking surface capable of accommodating pots up to 100 quarts.

The KAB6 is slightly bigger with a 22 inches surface to support up to 162 quarts in capacity. For large batches of brew, the KAB6 is more suitable due to its size.

BTU Output

The maximum BTU in both KAB4 and KAB6 is up to 210000 which is a very high number. Having high BTU output enables the burner to brew in high temperature reducing the time to boil.

Ease of Adjustment

To adjust the temperature for brewing, both the burner have a 30 PSI regulator which is easy to adjust and control. There is no difference in terms of control between the two burners.

Conclusion (KAB4 vs KAB6)

Now you know the difference between the KAB4 vs KAB6 and the strength each possesses. Both types of equipment have a great quality and performance. For a normal home brewer, the KAB4 is enough to brew with and also it’s less expensive than the KAB6.

Depending on your needs and plans, the two burners are perfect for home brewing and for commercial use. Brewing quality beer needs efficient equipment which the Bayou Classic is designed for.